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    A man walks into a bar, and sits down on a barstool, placing a small brown bag on the counter next to him. He signals to the bartender and then proceeds to down 3 shots of scotch.

    The bartender, being no fool asks, “Hey man what’s wrong?”

    Without replying the man slowly reaches over and grabs the brown bag. Opening it, he pulls out a tiny piano. To the bartender’s surprise he reaches back in and pulls out a tiny man, who couldn’t be standing more than a foot tall, dressed in a full tuxedo. The tiny man walks up to the piano, pulls out the piano bench and carefully sits down. He then continues to play some of the most beautiful soothing music the bartender has ever heard.

    “Where on earth did you get this little man?!”

    “Oh I have a genie.”

    The bartender can barely contain his excitement, “You do? Can I see it?”

    “Of course, of course,” says the man pulling out an ornately decorated lamp.
    The bartender takes the lamp and rubs it and out pops a genie.

    “You have summoned me. What is your one wish sir?”

    “I want a million bucks!” The bartender shouts.

    Immediately the room begins to fill up with ducks. Feathers are flying everywhere, the other patrons begin screaming and running for the doors.
    As the ducks continue to appear out of thin air, the bartender looks frantically at the man with the brown bag who has a sly smile on his face.


    “Well do you think I asked for a 12 inch pianist?”

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