Hey, did you boil that milk?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Aug 3, 2011.

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    People can't think for themselves ,it's not the AMERICAN way.

    ANYMORE it ain't.
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    Yeppers, it's happening all over the country.

    I wonder what is going to happen when they run across a real militant that is finally pizzed off enough to start shootin'

    Wonder if the bleeding FDA guys are going to be crying over spilt milk then?

    One day soon it's going to happen, you take away a persons' Food, Livelyhood and money. They will have nothing else to loose so they will at least take some with them.

    Freaking FDA Terrorists and their brown stained pant local law enforcement pansies.

    You might be able to tell that the government messing with our food really lights me off. Big agribusiness feeds us ecoli contaminated produce, wisteria contaminated meat (that isn't recalled until most of it has been sold), pump packages of ground meat with Carbon Monoxide so it stays bright red even though it's way past expiration date and spoiled.

    Yep, I'm Pizzed.
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    Before I would have said this is unbelievable, but anymore they use SWAT style raids for everything now. What was the justification for an armed raid.....they might throw food or pour that dangerous milk on us!
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    why armed raid?

    Easy, It makes the 'perps' look more dangerous in the court of public opinion, plus if it goes to trial, the jury will be predisposed to convict because "Well it must be dangerous because the government had to storm their shop"

    It is all part of the spin for the news cycle and the easily amused sheeple.

    Dammit I am so Pizzed !!! Our country is going to hell. I was actually hoping for a gov. default, at least we would have at least had the chance to get the man off our back because they'd have no money in which to do anything. it would be left to us and our communities. Just like it was a long long time ago before our souls were sold to the federal reserve and big government nanny sitters.
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    Right...what ever happened to the Andy Griffith approach to law enforcement. Why not try asking them first to stop doing what they're doing.

    No...we have SWAT teams that need their adrenaline fix. We have all of these new guns...we went for training in Quantico.

    ...reminds me of the end scene in the Blues Brothers where the SWAT was entering the building and climbing the stairs chanting "Ho--ho---ho".
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    Couple of points:
    1. I was raised on a farm with no refrigeration other than a spring to keep our milk/eggs/butter cool. Our first refrigerator was a tiny thing and I was probably 8-10 yrs old. We drank raw unpasturized milk till I was a grown man and off to the Marines.
    2. Their SWAT tactics are going to be their great undoing one of these days. They are going to run into someone who is prepared to "repel boarders" and make Waco look like a picnic. Someone is not just going to defend but take the battle to them. Every one is not going to just lay down and roll over continuosly.
  8. BAT1

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    They are trying everything possible to create an armed rebellion. They will succeed one day.
  9. Cephus

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    They think it will go like one of the games my grandsons play,They don't have a clue how bad civil war will be.
    I'm just glad most of family lives in the country close by ,we'll just ride it out and wait for cooler heads to prevail.
  10. beast

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    ya know, if you live on the farm where the cow is
    and help feed and milk it and make the cheese and butter
    its yours to consume as you please and they cant raid you
    people need to drop the ego trips, learn to work together
    on so many levels in never had a prayer of bein funny
    only by becoming the community that america was once
    will we re-become the americans we once were
    remember "united we stand"
    take a look back in history and see how well that worked for us before

    people today belong to the "me" generation, it started with the baby boomers and just kept getting worse, we dont give a good sh*t about anyone or what happens to them as long as it dont happen to us
    thats not how this country was built, thats not how it was meant to be
    and until the entire damnable lot of us learn to think of ALL of america and all people it will never get any better
    an army with 1,000,000 generals wont win a fight with a few dozen organized ants
    forget cleanin up a corrupt govt
  11. CATO

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    One thing to point out is that they weren't in trouble for having unpasteurized foods--if so, the Amish as a whole would be behind bars. They were selling unpasteurized cheese labeled pasteurized.

    So...OK, they're guilty of mis-labeling a food product. When the FDA told Cheerios they couldn't put "reduces cholesterol" on the box anymore because it was false advertising, did General Mills' offices get raided? No...just a legal issue.

    So, I don't understand the intensity with which the legal machine got involved in this case. You'd think they were mis-labeling opium as a natural cure for toothaches.

    Perhaps it is because they are a small, independent organic farmer (aka, competition to Monsanto in some twisted way).
  12. Seawolf1090

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    And therein lies the core of the problem......
    General Mills almost certainly buys their raw materials from Monsanto/Big Agra, and pays their blood money to Big Gov.
    Small producer doesn't, so he gets the iron-nailed jackboot treatment. Shows the plebs who is Large and in Charge! [gun]
  13. radpug

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    There is a cure for the ecoli and other problems. The food can be irradiated.
    Food irradiation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It solves a lot of the spoilage problems.
  14. VisuTrac

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    Irradiation you say? Hmm, sounds delicious! Eat all you want, they nuke some more.

    As for me, I'll pick it and eat it, Kill it and grill it. I know how it was processed.

    Big Agri can smear your food in feces and then irradiate it to kill the bacteria but it's still gonna taste like shyte!
  15. radpug

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    I am just saying it would fix some of the problems that continue to come up with the tainted food supply. The supply of food will continue to have this type of stuff happening, why not at least keep people form getting sick and die. Have you ever seen anyone die from tainted food or seen the results of having their kidneys shut down?

    Plus its no worse than any of the other stuff that's put into the food supply or the plastics leeching into it. The chemicals added, the GMO
    food stuff that adds freaking round up gene to the food. The shots that are given too the meat animals.

    I do agree its better to plant, pick and cook your own but that simple isn’t
    possible for everyone.
  16. VisuTrac

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    I guess my point is if we didn't have huge mega processors the likely hood of wide spread food contamination would be greatly reduced.

    I don't feel irradiating is the answer. Better processing standards and procedures are!

    Call me crazy but 100% inspection of our food supply is only about 80% effective.

    And agribiz feels that 76 people ill and 1 dead is just a cost of doing business. Are they getting raided by the nazis oops I mean SWAT and FDA directed popo's? Are the owners of the mega slaughter houses being thrown in jail with 100k bonds (should be millions due to scale). Nope our government is reserving the strong arm tactics for the little guys.

    Mark my words, one day they are going to push to far and it's not going to be cow's blood on the slaughter room floor.
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  17. VHestin

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    FDA/USDA have as much validity to me as a Martian real estate agent.
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  18. ozarkgoatman

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    Why ask them to stop doing what they are doing when they did nothing illegal??? This was not a store, (contrary to what .gov keeps saying) this was a private buying club. Where you have to buy shares of the dairy animals.
    much like you would buy shares of a company. Instead of money as dividends you take a set amount of dairy products every week. It is legal to do this in most states including Commiforya. So if you are buying into this club you would know what you are buying. Raw milk is legal to sell in the state without buying a share of a cow as well. So the only illegal activity going on there was the things done by the JACKBOOTS

    Chaîne de TheHealthRanger - YouTube
    RAWESOME RAID by FDA Aug. 3, 2011 - YouTube

    I would encourage everyone that wants to have the freedom to choose what they put in their mouth to join the Farmer to Consumer defense fund.

    Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund

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  19. CATO

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    I don't think they were in trouble for selling unpasteurized dairy products. They were labeling it as pasteurized that got them in trouble....again, according to the story. Either way, there's no need for a SWAT team.
  20. ozarkgoatman

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    So why did they take things like watermelons, meat products, and coconuts??? Like I said the only illegal activity that was going was by the JACKBOOTS. The club is called RAWESOME they would not label something pasteurized when they specialize in natural/raw foods. By labeling the milk pasteurized they would be shooting themselves in the foot because that is not what their members go there for.

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