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    By Investigative Reporter
    John Taft

    April 25, 2006


    “You (gringos) have spilled enough of our blood, now it’s your turn to bleed, you [expletive] sub-human beasts.” So said an editorial in the University of California Irvine’s Hispanic LaVoz Mestiza. Professor Gutierrez, employed by the University of Texas, founder of La Raza said, “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him." Now that isn’t very neighborly.

    A Chicano organization called MEChA wants to take over much of the US Southwest, an area they call Aztlan said, "For the race everything. For those outside the race, nothing." Another “D” for a bad attitude. Other similar groups include: The La Raza Unida Party, Brown Berets de Aztlan, OLA (Organization for the Liberation of Aztlan), and the Nation of Aztlan. These are radical organizations that can be found in many American high schools and most colleges. They hate America and love its enemies. They are brimming over with race hatred, anti-Semitism, and a history of communist leanings and communist support. They have an irrational anger aimed at their stupid benefactors. Recent mass marches have emboldened these people who do pose a real threat to this nation. Many are illegals and profess their allegiance not to the United States where they live, but to the authoritarian corrupt state of Mexico.

    Why are these Chicano groups willing to use violence, kill the gringo, and steal his home and land? Here is what Lou Dobbs has to say: “There are some Mexican citizens and some Mexican -Americans who want to see California, New Mexico and other parts of the southwestern United States given over to Mexico. These groups call it the reconquista, Spanish for reconquest.” The word “some” Dobbs uses runs into the hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions judging by the recent filling of streets with anti US Mexican flag wavers. A revolution is taking place while the spectators watch.

    The Enemy Within

    MEChA has declared war on the United States, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence. So far it has done this with impunity with the help of treacherous senators, congressmen, university officials, along with the enemies of this nation. MEChA is bold and aggressive using this nation’s economy, welfare programs, and its educational system. While filling their bellies and needs at the expense of the American taxpayer, they’re plotting the overthrow of this republic in broad daylight. MEChA is nurtured and protected by the University of California at Irvine. MEChA has spread its venomous rhetoric through an estimated 300 chapters in universities and schools across the United States. Their plan EL PLAN DE AZTLÁN is available for all to read. It’s full of race hated, threats, and the use of their bodies for war and their youth to commit revolutionary acts of violence against this nation and its people.

    MEChA is appealing to all Hispanics to join their so- called revolution. The illegal aliens and lack of national border control are issues that are developing into a life or death struggle determining whether this republic shall endure as we have know it for the past 230 years. This is a threat with a potential that rivals Iran and radical Islam and it’s in our communities and cities across the nation. Our national leaders are turning their backs to this threat while smiling and looking for Hispanic votes. The illegal aliens are the grunts for an army of gorilla fighters MEChA and other Chicano groups would like to create. Amnesty will make no difference to them, for the beat of their drums will continue. With amnesty, millions more of Mexico’s poor and hungry will attempt to enter the US for a free ride on the backs of US taxpayers.

    There are large numbers of Hispanics who are not integrating into this society. They are not learning English as shown by the number of Spanish radio stations, businesses that tell you to push one for Spanish or two for English, and bilingual schools. Whole communities, like Maywood, California, in Los Angeles are nearly 100 percent Hispanic. And their allegiance to a corrupt Mexico, though hard to understand, is obvious. This was demonstrated visually when Hispanics legal and illegals filled American streets with protestors wanting open boarders, and amnesty for illegals, while waving Mexican flags. There was a backlash to the Mexican flag waving, so now they wave American flags thinking to fool the watchers, thus making them hypocrites and deceivers.

    Demonstrations like this don’t happen in Mexico where Mexican authorities rape, rob, and beat illegals passing through their county as documented in the linked article. Mexico supports illegal aliens leaving Mexico and illegally crossing our border but doesn’t want illegals entering Mexico.

    MEChA’s Plan to Seize the southwestern United States

    MEChA says in the Plan, “A nation autonomous and free - culturally, socially, economically, and politically- will make its own decisions on the usage of our lands, the taxation of our goods, the utilization of our bodies for war, the determination of justice (reward and punishment), and the profit of our sweat.” The, “our lands” is the land owned by American citizens. How does MEChA propose to obtain this land of the southwestern states? Their Plan indicates they will use violence with physical force to remove the gringo from his property. Let’s look at the following statements from the Plan.

    “EDUCATION must be relative to our people, i.e., history, culture, bilingual education, contributions, etc. Community control of our schools, our teachers, our administrators, our counselors, and our programs.”

    “POLITICAL LIBERATION can only come through independent action on our part, since the two-party system is the same animal with two heads that feed from the same trough. Where we are a majority, we will control; where we are a minority, we will represent a pressure group; nationally, we will represent one party: La Familia de La Raza!”

    “El Plan de Aztlán is the plan of liberation! Those institutions which are fattened by our brothers to provide employment and political pork barrels for the gringo will do so only as acts of liberation and for La Causa. For the very young there will no longer be acts of juvenile delinquency, but revolutionary acts.”

    “We must insure that our writers, poets, musicians, and artists produce literature and art that is appealing to our people and relates to our revolutionary culture.”

    One could reasonably ask why MEChA doesn’t make Mexico an economic powerhouse. The answer is easy; they are having so much success in the US, and they want to steal, like thieves in the night, the wealth of someone else’s hard work. The goose that lays the golden egg is in danger.

    There is nothing cheap about illegals.

    California taxpayers paid an extra $9 billion in taxes to support illegals according to a 2004 report by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington, D.C. organization that endorses stricter immigration policies. Contributing to this expense are education at around $8 thousand per illegal child or those born to illegal parents, medical care, and prison costs. A similar study in 2004 by the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C. claimed that illegal aliens cost the federal government $10 billion more than is collected in taxes from them.

    That includes $2.2 billion for medical care for uninsured illegal aliens. Another $1.9 billion goes to food assistance programs like food stamps and school lunch programs. Illegal immigrant children cost taxpayers $1.4 billion in aid to schools to help pay their costs. The states’ taxpayers carry the major part of the cost to care for the millions of illegals in this country. When schools ask for more money, ask how many illegals are in the classroom and if the citizenship of the parents and child was checked. The costs mentioned are disputed by others who claim the costs of illegals aliens is much higher.

    Illegals and Crime in the United States

    Illegals are creating a huge crime wave all across the United States. Here is what Russell Pearce, representing Arizona’s 18th district says on his website, “Perhaps as high as 80% of the violent crime in the Phoenix area involves illegal aliens (according to Phoenix Chief Hurt and Mesa police violent crimes response team). Over 4000 homicide warrants were issued by the Border States to suspects who are believed to have fled south of the border into Mexico. Maricopa County Hospital loses over $2 million weekly on uncompensated care (largely do to illegal aliens). In 2003, 77 border hospitals filed for bankruptcy.”

    The US is a big candy land for the uneducated, criminals, and often sick illegal aliens. The illegals aliens have found there is a free lunch, free medical care, free education, and there really is a Santos Claus, a big, stupid, pale-faced gringo. Hispanic Professor Jose Angel Gutierrez at the University of Texas describes the gringo as, “Our Devil with pale skin and blue eyes.” This pale-faced gringo sounds more like a fool than a devil. And guess who the all day sucker is; it’s none other than John Q. Taxpayer. He’s represented in congress by a bunch of enablers called congressmen and senators including Sen. John McCain and company. Jack Abramoff isn’t the only guy that should be behind bars.

    The next article; "Congress Supperts Vote Theft by Illegal Aliens." This part will discuss: Terrorists Crossing the Border, Illegal Aliens Sway Elections and Steal Your Destiny, Oregon Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo is Dangerous to Republic, Democrats and Republicans Pander to Hispanic Vote ignoring polls, and Is Congress Creating a Revolution? All this and more. Be sure to visit NewsWithViews.com next week, May 2, 2006 for part two.

    © 2006 John Taft - All Rights Reserved

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    Thanks for posting that article Melbo, I just wish all American had the opportunity to read and understand what is happening right under our noses. there is no doubt our government's inaction on illegal immigration (and the flood of legal immigrants) will lead us and our children into a hellish war on our soil. the politicians have brought this to all of our doorsteps...lets all be sure to call and write and inform them how disgusted America is with them. the filthy scum has sold America to the lowest bidder!
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