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    Hello everyone! I want to introduce myself to the forum and let you all know alittle about me. And then I have a question for some in the know...

    I am from Northern Lower Michigan. I am a single Dad of a 9 year old daughter who loves the outdoors almost as much as I. I have been doing bushcraft & survival for about 28 years. I am no expert, but have acquired some knowledge and at times and set in my ways. I have opinions and facts to share, I also have questions and theory's to learn.

    My question is for the Kelly Kettle users of the group:

    I have been wanting a KK for awhile now and finally saved up enough to purchase a great deal on the complete SCOUT set up, minus the cups as I have plenty of those. I was wondering about any mods that I need to know, should know and would like to know... I understand, all in good time. My main question is for those of you with the cook kit, the pot holder to be more specific- What are the notches cut out for on the clamping end? Are they to lift the skillet/lid off the pot while cooking? That is all I can think that they would be useful for...

    Thankyou for any and all replies in advance 10408871_463479550480969_4846984107261348402_n. IMG_6744.JPG
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    Welcome @Pathfinder, enjoy your stay at the Monkey tree!
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    Welcome here....

    Did you hunt and kill that hot dog all by yourself? JK :rolleyes:
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    Welcome to our Monkey Tree... Pick yourself out a branch and have a Good Look around...
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    Welcome to our little part of the web....
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    Welcome Pathfinder. We're all glad you found us and look forward to hearing more about your adventures.

    If I understand your question on the KK, this image may give you the answer

    Kelly Kettle magic-pot-with-pot-holder.
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    Thank you all.

    Sorry I meant the pot gripper, not the pot holder...
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    How about this

    Kelly Kettle pot gripper small-pot-kit_1.
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    Yep, that is it... But there is an extra set of notches as in my picture....

  15. RightHand

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    I believe it is a functional support feature. The longer of the two supports enables the triangular support at a proper angle.
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    Welcome @Pathfinder .. Lived up your way for many years hunting and fishing.. It got to civilized and have found a slightly wilder area to hang my hat..
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    Welcome to the monkey, btw i also have the same knives that you have pictured and i love em
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