Hi from Canada.

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by electrodacus, Mar 21, 2015.

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    Welcome to the Monkey @electrodacus !!
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    Welcome !! nice off grid set up ..... nice to have an electrical engineer to pick your brains.
    I'm fascinated by the new version of living off grid. I grew up on a remote property in the west and we generated our own electricity. And I'ave appraised many large alternative electrical sites so I just know enough to be dangerous :)
  3. electrodacus

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    Thanks, I will be happy to help in subjects related to solar electricity. I made a post about my home electrical settup in the offgrid section of the forum.
    You can also take a look on my latest project related to solar energy storage on my website electrodacus.com and you are welcome to critic the project :)
    Is about the Solar BMS (Battery Management System) that I designed primarily for the use on my offgrid house. I was not happy with Lead Acid and decided to use LiFePO4 for my house.
    I want to live OffGrid as a hobby is not from necessity.
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