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    Hello Everyone!

    I am Athena and I own Minerva Ink/ Civil Force USA. Minerva Ink is a screen printing, promotional products and embroidery company which I started when I lost my job as Art Director a few years ago. Since Minerva Inks opening I have had multiple requests from Police departments, fire departments and EMS for uniforms and badges and such so we branched off and created Civil Force USA. My husband is a woodsy guy and loves anything to do with survival and preparing and knives so it seemed natural for us to grow this way... Yes, we have woods in New Jersey!!! Well, at least in Sussex County anyway! ;0)

    I will be honest, I am learning as I go along about survival and self sufficiency. I have found about a hundred books that I am trying to read pieces about and have quite a few friends that are very knowledgeable on the subject.

    I apologize that my first post to this forum was to sell something, I was a member of another group for quite some time and was trying to get to know everyone before I had posted about the company and what we have to offer and the day I was finally going to post it, I was beaten to it... no excuse for my rudeness but a legitimate explanation! So I hope you will all accept my sincerest apology and consider me a newbie and help me out with my quest for knowledge...
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    95% of us were Newbies to this place at one time or another.... We are a pretty friendly group, with lots of varied interests, and a common love for Prep'en, and Survival... Welcome to the Monkey Tree.....
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    Welcome civilforceusa, glad to have you.
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