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  1. Hope to meet some folks kind of local to team up with if possible
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    Welcome to the Monkey site... Pick out a branch and look around for a while.... Lots of Good information here for the taking... and Lots of Good Family Type Folks, here to get to know.... .....
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  3. Thanks for the Howdy. I'm not very puter litirate but I have a Question about a Browning pistol I just bought at a hawk shop. All the markings on the gun are in French I think. It says FABRIQUE NATIONALE D'ARMES DE GUERRE HERSTAL-BELGIQUE BROWNINGS PATENT DEPOSE CAL 7M/M65 SER#33371. It also has many tooling marks on it. On the left side on the trigger gaurd towards the front it has an "A" inside a box and on the right side it has a "P" towards the front. Any ideas? I'm not sure where to post such a question. Any help would be great.
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    Welcome to the tree ,somebody will have something to say about your question I'm sure .Enjoy !!
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    Welcome to the Monkey tree new Monkeys...
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  7. Hey now, my thread got hijacked[BSf]
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    Nope, we monkeys like pics of anything but most certainly guns.(y)
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