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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by historystudent2009, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone, I think I am going to try for a school for this stuff out of state and talk to the instructor so I can get some time practicing before the class begins. I really appreciate your advice. I will probably go back to lurking on the boards, some of these websites are really useful. JJ
  2. RightHand

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    Hello historystudent2009. Welcome to the monkey. We certainly have a lot of information available to help you learn to prepare for come what may. As an observation though, it might not be the very best idea to make your first post a request for more personal contact. First, your safety is at risk when you go onto a public forum and request such contact before you have had an opportunity to get to know the group. Second, I think it is rather unlikely that any of our members (who guard their privacy above all else) will make such contact with an unknown except in the broadest terms. After all, none of know if your are presenting yourself honestly or if you are acting as a lure. I'm sorry if I am being abrupt but you really have to learn the rules of conduct on a public forum. Consider this lesson number one in your desire to learn.

    Why don't you spend a little time getting to know us and letting us get to know you.
  3. Thanks RightHand. I will spend more time reading and writing posts here and getting to know people. I guess people can just PM me if they want to anyway. I didn't really think about the privacy thing, I guess I have a lot to learn. I come from more of a fine arts background pretty much my whole life. I think a lot about what things are coming, and I am pretty scared, maybe really scared. I just want you to know that I am for real and very serious about this. If there is anyone else that is graduating college this year, I am pretty sure they will tell you the same thing about the job market, that is sucks right now. I just hope stuff doesn't hit the fan until I get done with school. I want to learn about this as much as possible, especially about firearms very soon. My family is really against firearms and things like that, I don't tell them that I disagree, but I think I should learn about this before things get worse.
  4. Seawolf1090

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    Welcome! You have just past the biggest hurdle.
    You have come to the conclusion that something is truly WRONG, and are seeking to understand it and to better yourself. You are worlds beyond most folks these days. You will find us pretty much Very Conservative, but we can ignore political leanings and impart info to help another concerned citizen. We are ALL in this economic turmoil together!
    Try not to be overwelmed by the huge amount of info here and elsewhere on the Net.
    Just prioritise your needs, start small and work towards finite goals. We can't afford to 'get it all' at once.
    First, for firearms training, the best idea would be to check out classes at your local gunshop. If they don't offer them there, they will have contact info on who does.
    Also, you may know family or fellow students who are into the shooting sports. Many are quite willing to introduce new folks to our sport.
    I'm assuming you probably reside in a dorm or apartment situation.
    This could affect whether you can have a gun in your domicile, and restrict laying in a stock of supplies. But, it CAN be done.
    Again, welcome to the fold! [beer]
  5. RightHand

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    I suggest you start by going through the topics in our survival forum. You will find every topic from rotating our stores of food to bug out philosophy and preparation.

    As far as firearms go, my first suggestion would be to see if your school has a shooting team. If it does, see them first. They will be able to give you the best local advice. If you don't have that resource available to you, get in touch with you state's CMP - Civilian Marksmanship Program. They have many programs to train people in safe handling and use of firearms. You could also locate the nearest Firearms Club and Range and get advice from them regarding local training and teaching events and programs.

    It is always best to stay as local as possible when you are seeking firearms training.

    We are all here to help you learn so don't be shy is asking for information. We will all try to lead you in the best direction toward self-sufficiency - with your safety (and ours) in mind.
  6. RightHand and Seawolf, thank you for your responses. Yes, I live in student housing, and they don't allow firearms at all. Keeping supplies is also an issue, but I do keep at least a weeks worth of food and water (nothing fancy) on hand. Your suggestions about learning these things locally is probably the best thing, but the firearms thing is a really touchy subject in my family (and they live nearby), I don't agree with them, but I truly care about them and I don't want to be an outcast. My plan is to do this away from home. The good thing is that I should be able to work pretty much anywhere and I can relocate (I am a server in a restaurant), but it kind of sucks that I didn't get a better job out of college. I don't think a lot of people really understand the how serious the issues with the economy are, and the world in general, especially the people I go to school with. Unlike them, I am very motivated to learn these things, which I should have done sooner. I finish school in the second week of May, so I am seeking a mentor pretty much anywhere. I wasn't sure where else to go to find one, I don't think I would fit in to a survivalist training camp right away (I really have pretty much zero knowledge about this stuff), so i will read as much as I can.
  7. I should probably say that I would really like to have one on one training, especially with firearms, I want to be very safe. I also really don't want to look totally stupid in front of a group of people if I do something wrong. Also, I am kind of afraid of firearms and I would feel a lot more comfortable this way. I will be very safety conscious, and I will obey all rules and take all orders without question. I am very serious about this and very motivated.
  8. jim2

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    Welcome aboard. When you buy your first gun, make it a .22 rimfire rifle. An under the barrel tube magazine might be best in your situation. Even though your family is near, they don't have to have any idea what you're up to with firearms. Just don't tell 'em.

    Beware of "Gunshop Commandos" and "Mall Ninjas". They abound and are impossible for a neophyte to spot.

    Simple complete foods like beans and rice, beans and corn, Ezekieal bread are the easiest for you to deal with first. Those cheap boxes of dehydrated red beans and rice at WalMart would be a cheap easy source of food for you to start with.

    Get a soda straw water filter of good quality.

    Get a Boy Scout handbook. Order an old one from Ebay, as they are the best. I've got one from 1943 and it is amazing!

    A good hunting knife like a Buck with a stainless steel blade would be a good buy. Then a pocket knife. Stay away from the cheap knives.

    Good footwear. The best you can afford is how you should go. Hi-Tec Magnums are a good tactical boot and are easy on your feet. Thick sox are a must.

    As far as your mental state, do what I do with my son:

    Q. "Fear and Anger; What are they?"

    A. "Two sides of the same coin."

    Q. "Name the coin."

    A. "The mind-killer."

    Q."What do you do when all others about you are losing their heads?"

    A. "I keep my head. I think and evaluate, then act appropriately if needed."

    If you've been dancing, then martial arts will be much easier for you. Try Judo or Aki-Jujitsu. Stick fighting is good too.

    Good luck, and feel free to ask questions.

  9. RightHand

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    Here are a few resources with who you can follow up regarding firearms training:

    Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association -- The objective and purpose of The Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association shall be: to encourage marksmanship and organized shooting sports competition, to educate the youth and citizenry of the State of Iowa in marksmanship and maintenance of safe, suitable ranges for all shooting sports, and to further the development of the characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play, and self-reliance, which are the essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism.
    Iowa Highpower dot Com -- Info for Highpower Rifle [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]competition in Iowa.[/FONT]
    Des Moines Rifle and Revolver Club -- Des Moines Rifle and Revolver Club.
    Powesheik County Sportsman's Association -- PCSA holds highpower rifle and smallbore prone matches monthly, April-Sept. 100 yard rifle range located just south of Montezuma.
    River[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] City Rifle & Pistol Club[/FONT][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] -- The River City Rifle and Pistol Club (RCR&PC) was incorporated in 1968 in Mason City, Iowa, as a nonprofit organization to promote civilian marksmanship, proper gun safety, competitive spirit, conservation of natural resources and to provide a safe and proper place to shoot.[/FONT]
  10. ghrit

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    For what it's worth, serious gun owners and users want, above all else, to welcome newbies to the shooting sports. By far the majority of us want to have more folks to shoot guns and the breeze with; like minded individuals. Beware of chest thumping experts, there are a lot out there that will set you up to fail as a beginner. Go to the local gun shop and ask about lessons, but don't necessarily listen to the "expert" behind the counter.

    In the meantime, you can get ahold of "The Marksmanship Primer" by Jim Casada. It is a compendium of advice by some of the acknowledged experts in the field.

    You are about to start down the road to a philosophy that is foreign to your family, and an addiction to self preservation and independence from narrow thinking. Best of luck, and there might be someone in your area that will get in touch.
  11. I really appreciate the great advice. I would probably get along well with a chest thumping expert if they know what they are doing, I don't mind the personality, I guess the problem is that I really don't know how to tell an expert, but I will try to find out and read as much as I can first. I am really not sure if I should stay in Iowa for my training, I know it sounds stupid, but I would really be worried that my parents would find out, even though I am 27. They are pretty serious about their beliefs, I respect them, I just don't agree with them, especially these days. I tried to interview for jobs out of state, but I didn't get any hits at all. I guess I shouldn't complain, it could be worse. I am really worried about this economy and the job market though, I don't think people understand how serious things are, and how much worse it can get, and things like what happens when the unemployment runs out for people. I just really hope this stuff doesn't happen until I get out of school and can do something to prepare myself.
  12. WestPointMAG

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    First I want you to know that nothing that I say in this post is not meant to offend only to inform.

    You are a woman and if you are a dancer then you probably are not a two ton Tessey. Use your feminine charms to your advantage. Do not be afraid to flutter you eye lashes a little if that will get you a better deal. Do your research before you buy anything the more you know the better deals you can make. A lot of the time the asking price is the price is the price they are hoping someone will be stupid enough to pay. If you are buying a gun act dumb, let the seller show his hand, if he will not move on the price try to get him to throw something in on the deal and do not be afraid to walk away.

    Make a list of your strengths and your weaknesses. Try to improve your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses. Find a marshal arts instructor let him know that you want to learn how to defend yourself. Tell him that you are not interested in it as an art form and that you just want to learn how to fight so you can defend yourself. Find someone that can teach you how to wrestle this way if you do not win the fight standing up you will have a chance of winning it on the ground. Ask if the marshal arts instructor will work trade with you. Be creative.

    Does the school have any kind of skilled trades courses that you can take? Is there an anthropology department where you can learn the old skills. Some PDs offer training to civilians does yours? Do they have a reserve force that you can join? Is there a senior citizen’s center that you can volunteer at, old folks have a lot of knowledge and some of them like to pass it on. Be creative.

    Find some where to store your preps, be creative. Will a storage place let you work trade for the rent on a 5x10? Can you find a widowed old farmer that will let you store some stuff in his barn for a home cooked meal once a week? Be creative.

    Shop off the beaten path for your preps thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets closeout stores are good places to look for preps.

    Make a list of what you must have postSHTF and concentrate on getting those items first.
  13. RightHand

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    I took a few minutes and did a search of your username and found that you have registered at several survival related sites with the same message. One one, you got the same advise you received here and you have already been banned from two other sites.

    You are heading down a dangerous road by posting requests like this on public forum. I have removed your email address from your posting and I would suggest you modify your avatar. While it is not offensive, combined with your request for personal contact, it could very well lead to the type of attention you are not prepared to handle. That is ultimately up to you but if you are serious in wanting to learn more about self-preparedness and firearms training, you will go about your inquiry in a less suggestive way.
  14. RightHand, I want you to know how serious I am about this. I tried this for the last two days, but I don't think anyone took me seriously. I really feel unprepared for this, and I really want anyone who is willing to teach me to understand that I come from a completely different background. I want to be as upfront as possible.
  15. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    Read and learn. There are no quick fixes in life. The whole object of our site is to help people learn to help themselves and the best way to do that is to study what whose with more experience have to say. We have given you advice on ways to obtain firearms training. We have a wealth of information available on preparedness, Being a student means knowing how to study from the resources available to you not by looking for someone to solve your problems. We can only lead you to ways in which you can find answers to your questions
  16. Ready

    Ready or getting there...

    Read and learn. take it slow for now, too much too fast , and youll burn out. Time is running out probably, but the things you want too learn are a lot of trial and error. This site will give you the info and answer a lot of questions you have, get you a plan togather. Firearms are just one part of having a survival mindset. Its a lifestyle, not a hobby. There is a link on top of this page to Survivalblog that I have read for many years that will answer a lot of questions also. Most groups have been preparing for a long time and have all members pretty much covered as far as provisions, and even available space.Friend are sometimes welcome but strangers? Get into a lifestyle of survivalism, meet new people and work on lasting friendships and you will do alright. Search the web for local firearms training and ask questions. Learn skills that have been forgotten like sewing, gardening,and so on. There are probable even night classes at your school. These skills will make you an asset when you do meet a group or network of like minded people. Good luck.
  17. ghrit

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    We tend to take seriously anyone who wants to learn, that is not part of the equation. The first thing is personal security, and that has been addressed. So far as mentoring goes, there are a lot of folks here that have contributions to make, a far better resource than a one on one situation, simply because no one here is expert in all the areas of prepping.

    Gratuitously, two days is way not enough time to acquire any sort of overall picture of prepping, it just ain't, there is no overnight fix. Moreover, not all of the members check the site every day, you'll have to be patient, and read to fill in the time. If they have anything to offer, they will.

    As has often been said, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. So don't hesitate to pose questions, and don't be afraid to reject an answer if it doesn't fit with your needs. (Needs, not wants.)

    Right after coming to grips with the concept of personal security, you need to get over your fear of family (or anyone else's) opinions. They may not like to talk about what you are trying to do, but at 27 years old you most assuredly have enough maturity to decide your own lifestyle. This "completely different background" you mention raises questions, too. It might be very unwise to expose that in an open forum like this, simply because it might tip off a troll to exploit the knowledge. In fact, I can already hazard a guess that you are already well off the beaten path of your family's background, and that you already have some pretty good skills from childhood training. Were I in Iowa, I'd know where to find the rest of the story. Leastways, if all you say is true. You will not be shunned from here unless you violate the CoC.

    Lesson one: Personal security
    Lesson two: Preparations for your favorite highest probability (in your mind) disaster
    Lesson three: Might be firearms, might be something else

    Reading thru the "back to basics" subforum is a good place to start. Ready's post above is good advice.
  18. Ghrit and Ready, thank you so much for taking me seriously. I really get the feeling that time is running out too. I am reading the other forums and I will try to learn as much as I can that way. When I said that I had a completely different background, I really mean it. I know nothing about firearms except that they have a trigger and things that I have seen in movies (that are probably not correct anyway). The classes I have taken were not useful for this either, but I really like history and the fine arts, and I did pretty good in school so I can't complain too much, I will be really happy to get done. I know two days isn't enough time for this, but I will keep reading and learn as much as I can. I don't agree with my family on the whole firearms thing, but my way of dealing with it is to not say anything. It keeps the peace, at least for now. I will try not to be impatient, I just feel like I really need to learn this stuff soon, like really soon. I just hope that I can meet someone who will help me learn these things, a lot of this stuff I really don't understand, but I keep reading and search for things when I don't understand terms. I guess I don't really understand the whole privacy thing, but I haven't really talked to people on the internet a whole lot, I'm not really into computers too much. Anyway, thank you for taking me seriously. I get really stressed over things that are happening these days, especially the economy. I know first hand how serious things are when I hit the job market, it was like there was nothing for me. I am very motivated and I will keep trying to prepare myself.
  19. RightHand

    RightHand Been There, Done That RIP 4/15/21 Moderator Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    The point is that you have alread met many people who can help you learn. Don't be so anxious to have face to face meetings - it makes everyone jittery when you seem to keep going back to that. There is nothing on this forum that a 27 year old college educated person cannot understand. If we use shorthand (like BOB = Bug Out Bag) ask what BOB means. Learn to use the search function on the forum. Ask specific rather than general questions. Be more concerned with the mindset of preparation than with just firearms. For those firearms, contact some of the resources we have given you. I worked in IA off and on through the years and have many personal friends as well as business contacts there. I met very few who were so opposed to firearms that it wasn't a subject that could be discussed even in private. Most of those I know are hunters or range shooters. I'm sure there are some in your circle of life. Stretch yourself.
  20. tommy20/69

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    if there is a mini storage place close by you could rent you a small storage room and store your supplies there . just try to keep the stuff as close as possible.
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