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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Sarah_Jones, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Welcome from the INW @Sarah_Jones, and another of the jarhead monkey clan and have learned that one can never forget the comfort of a little goodies when camping..
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    Hi Sarah, welcome from another newbie.
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    Welcome and enjoy,
    Nice thing about camping regularly is tryin out stuff and making it work or watching it fail .
    It's like buttoning wood rather then attempting to whack it with a sharp implement alone. the baton method is probably safer .
    Not all knives can tolerate that kind of use/abuse like folding knives , so care must be observed.
    A lot of camping rules are established because they work, like having your food in a bag hung high on tree limb away from camp.
    Bear know and love Ice chests and will tear into one in side a locked car , think of bear like a drunk homeless, hungry teen ager.
    Any thing that has a strong smell has to be food. "Armor All" is an attractant.
    There is more than a thousand years of combined experience here on the board ,don't be afraid to ask.
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