High Altitude Cooking

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    A couple things that I ran across while wondering the expanses of the internet.. Hope these may be of use.


    Open this link and do a search for High Altitude Cooking and several publications will be displayed..

    Nutrition, Health & Food Safety
    Colorado is charging for their publications, however they do seem reasonably priced..

    Welcome To The Cooking Inn A Better Way Cooking Website
    This seems to be a good site for cooking including old recipes that have been adapted. Includes food preserving, food storage, and roughing it..

    RecipeSource: Your Source for Recipes on the Internet
    Global food recipes.. Interesting.

    Pet Food Recipes at CooksRecipes.com
    Pet foods treats.. I may have a happy Rott on my hands!
  2. Ura-Ki

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    Yup, Most have to add extra ingredients, particularly for baking, and bake times and temps need to be adjusted! We live at 9400 feet normally, so cook times need an extra 5% and for baking we have to ether add yeast, or baking soda, and usually a half egg!
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  3. Big Ron

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    A bit hotter and longer cooking time is needed at a higher altitude.
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  4. ghrit

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    Boiling is at a lower temp at higher altitudes. Boiling longer is the usual fix, but -----
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    I remember living in Nevada at almost 6000 ft. Wife baked cookies that turned out pretty nasty. She tried again - same result.
    One day she asked if I thought she should be using the high altitude recipe - uh yes.
    Don't think she realized just how far above sea level we really were.
  6. ghrit

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    Yep, we were living at 6300 feet for just over a year. Took about a month to get used to the idea that when the kids won't eat the cookies, there have to be changes made.
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  7. Ganado

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  8. Ura-Ki

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    Another issue with high altitude, any Fuel you use to do work, be it cooking, or what ever, your going to need more of it to accomplish the same work at sea levels!
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  9. Big Ron

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    6700 feet here and pizza needs to be at 400 instead of 350. My youngest likes to make brownies and we add two teaspoons of all-purpose flour to the mix or the brownies don't set. They seem to stay like soup. The little one likes to open the box and make the brownies and brag about her cooking!
  10. Ganado

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    At least she's cooking we all gotta start somewhere !
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