High Medical Drug prices vs Costco

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by tacmotusn, Jul 21, 2015.

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    Just taking Zithromax for discussion, it is a prescription medication in the US and one course of treatment is generally 6 tablets of 250 or 500 mg each. How do you legitimately get 90 tablets at a time? Are you getting an online medical assessment and script or these label fish antibiotics or they getting in thru customs somehow without a prescription? How do you know these meds are legitimate and not bogus? (I am honestly curious and interested.). Can you list any sources you have purchased from?

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    Interestingly enough, Azithromycin (Zithromax/Z-Pack) is also used to treat infections in ornamental fish and those fish don't need to be taken to a vet, diagnosed and have a scrip written/filled. Just sayin'.
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    OK, off topic of Costco:

    60 Minutes (many years ago. What happened to 'investigative reporting' there? They USED to do hard hitting reporting, now it is mush and latest "actor of the moment" so called "reporting") did a report on drugs from outside US, especially China/Asia, that they bought at pharmacies. Cancer drugs that were sugar, "the little blue pill" that looked exactly like the real one - sugar, you name it and it was fake. Well what do you expect? Dog/cat food that was poison imported into US, baby food sold in China that was poison. The cure was to haul the CEO of the company out and chop his head off, then tell everyone else there that if the next batch that came out and was tested was bad EVERYONE got their head cut off! Amazingly enough, everything was fine after that!

    Consumer Reports did tests of vitamins and half of them were fake, but the company(ies) claimed CR "didn't have good enough equipment" to find the TINY amounts of whatever vitamin it was supposed to be. Rice that is FILLED with arsenic, honey that was 100% corn drippings, you name it and someone is faking it. Pay off the right people and nothing is impossible or ever brought to court. Look at Obummer, every time he doesn't get his own way, it is CUT SOC. SEC.! CUT WELFARE! CUT MEDICARE! Well how about we cut Obummer's salary? Or Congresses salary/kick back packages? Now THAT might get things done!
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