High-Performance Folding Bikes at 30% OFF, thru May

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    Looking for a Bike?
    Montagues are Incomparable

    A good, robust bicycle is one of the most useful items a person can have on hand. It can start paying dividends from the day you take delivery. But should a major crisis ever occur--a great bike could become a lifesaver.

    Montague bikes are world-renowned for their performance under any conditions, and for being the product of a high-tech research project undertaken several years ago by DARPA to provide US paratroopers with folding bikes they could jump with and virtually hit the ground pedaling.

    The project was a success. The bikes are in use by the military, and now a full line of Montague folding bikes are available to consumers.

    We're proud at Safecastle to be a Montague dealer and we're excited about being able to offer our club members a chance right now to acquire a Montague bike or one of the new SwissBikes at a price that simply will not be matched out there.

    Until May 31, Safecastle Royal members can take 30% off our list prices on all Montague bikes and accessories (with a minimum purchase of $100). We are listing seven bikes, including the famous "Paratrooper." Discounted prices range from $349 to $1431, with free shipping.

    Check out our Montague page: https://www.safecastleroyal.com/categoryNavigationDocument.hg?categoryId=6

    Consider how handy a bike can be that folds up or unfolds in 30 seconds! How easily it can be taken with you anywhere you go and stored under a desk, in a car trunk, in a closet, or wherever. Want to be ready for anything? A Montague bike is one good answer to your quest.

    Consider that for this limited-time offer, you can easily save hundreds of dollars on a purchase that may be one of the best you'll ever make.

    If you're not a club member yet--join now for a one-time $19 fee.

    If you ARE a member, you’ve been emailed your 30% off coupon code. Let me know if I should send it again to you.

    Below are some images of the top-end SwissBike XO


    NOTE: These prices require volume buys, so we may need to hold individual orders for a short time till we accumulate enough to get adequate wholesale discounts. Be assured, that with or without the best volume discounts, we WILL submit and honor all orders at the offered 30% off pricing. Once the order is submitted, Montague fulfills the orders and ships directly to the buyer for us, with receipt normally within a week to 10 days.
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  2. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Emergency Essentials Store Vendor

  3. JC Refuge

    JC Refuge Emergency Essentials Store Vendor

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