Highway Sensors and hackers.

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    DHS: Hackers could manipulate highway sensors - Nextgov.com

    after reading the blurb, I'm not so much worried about hackers, but that the sensor systems monitor your cellphone, your bluetooth enabled car. And, they are tracking you. woot!

    Question is, How much do you love that indash entertainment/navigation thingy now?

    (posted by geeky computer programmer driving a 20 year old truck, and that doesn't own a cell phone)
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    Most trucks don't own cell phones.

    "This would preclude any exposure of drivers travel habits as the sensors themselves do not use SSH to transmit MAC addresses over a network. In addition, an individual field device has no ability to ascertain traffic conditions or an individual's whereabouts," he said in an email. "

    They do however transmit to a central computer for traffic management. This is a bit more high tech than traffic cameras, with the bluetooth link, but if it bothers you, turn your phone off or turn off your bluetooth. the system will not be able to see you.
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