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    Do we need to be concerned about such?

    "Civilization jihad" or "resettlement jihad" is known in the Islamic religion as "hijra." It's a sacred Muslim doctrine second only to jihad. The Islamic doctrine of hijrah means "conquest via immigration."

    There's been lot of talk in the news about the Muslim refugee crisis but none seem to be considering the doctrine of hijrah. Is that wise?

    Jerusalem was first taken through hijrah.

    Constantinople fell to Islam through hijrah.

    Has Immigration Jihad Come to America?
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    Nope I don't think so. When you come to America there is opportunity and freedom. I know more than a few Muslims and I really don't see an issue. Now having said that I could see that if we were to crack down on any Religious belief system you are going to have a problem ( See 2nd amendment) yes the 2nd Amendment is a religious group. I can see lone wolf and small scale 2and 3's but not organized not in a large scale. Just my 2 cents I may be wrong
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    Well, it is highly possible, depending on 'birth rate' but we are a large population of 330 million so it will take some time to get there. Having said this, there is nothing one can do about it. Also, it could be done by Hindus or Buddhists or some new, unnamed religious or even anti-religious group say... an atheist Bowling League. Any type of organization could do it that could win the populous to their call. Hitler did it with the Nazis and there is certainly no reason why it couldn't be done again, especially given the precedent.
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    I can't see the 2nd Amendment as a religious group...I certainly don't pray to weapons, nor do know of anyone that does. Atheists, agnostics, Protestants, Catholics, Hindi...I know of many that see the Second as a cultural issue (both pro and con) but never have I heard it referred to as a religion...

    Hijrah is a problem, primarily due to the numbers of immigrants that choose to live in enclaves rather than become part of the American culture. Armed Islamic encampments are becoming more numerous across the country, and open access to these areas to non-Muslims is not permitted...even to law enforcement.

    This issue is not limited to middle easterners. Look at the American southwest...what percentage are non Americans living in their own Hispanic clusters,again not melding into the culture, but retaining their own.
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    If they don't want to assimilate, then they should repatriate. My 2⍧
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    There's something whacked with this. Hijra has squat to do with Mohammedan philosophy.
    "Hijra is a term used in South Asia – particularly in India and Pakistan – to refer to transgender individuals who are born male. In different areas of Pakistan and India, transgender people are also known as Aravani, Aruvani or Jagappa. "
    So called India's third gender.

    Then again, spell it "hijrah" and you get what the OP intended.
    Yes, I can be picky about some things.
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    I don't know how to imbed links to websites, but if you get on YouTube and look at a few videos on " Islam and Growth Demographics " , it is downright scary. If it wasn't for the radical ones now, if they were quiet for another 10 years of so, it could happen just about overnight. Kind of like how every time you turn around now, there's another law, another tax, another government controlled property off limits to the taxpayer, another freedom lost. Just a little bit at a time, then you turn around and look and realize, you're screwed, and surrounded by snowflakes.
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    Do you happen to have a specific reference to the Quran, or the Hadith that cites this allegedly sacred Islamic doctrine (hijra / Hegira Hegira - Wikipedia)? Otherwise there's no reason to believe that the term has been accurately used in its correct context. http://www.oxfordreference.com/view/10.1093/oi/authority.20110803100214660
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    Your search was incorrectly directed. Use "hijrah" instead as above suggested, and you can come up with something akin to correct. Start here - The Hijrah Into Europe
    and go to the coran 4:100 for one reference. Thus endeth my interest in this windmill tilt.
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    This whole thing is nothing but an evil political cult disguised as a religion. If anything, it's Satan's religion and it should be dealt with accordingly.
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    Ask the American Indians if progressive immigration is dangerous to your way of life!
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