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    An interesting little idea..........

    Hiker Trailer Off Road

    Denver's Hiker Trailer offers a variety of sizes of highway-ready trailers, and it recently expanded its lineup with an Off Road Deluxe model. The basic off-road Hiker starts at $8,595 and has a 2x3-in steel frame with aluminum body, a 3,500-lb (1,588-kg) axle, 33-in tire-wrapped 17-in steel wheels suspended by leaf springs, a front storage box and rack, a galley door, a seven-way plug, and other basic equipment.

    Just like many of the other trailers here, the Hiker gets cozier and more functional as you start checking off options boxes. Of particular interest is the Zamp Solar system, 160W panels, Interstate Group 24 battery, and 600W inverter keeps all the equipment powered on road trips, without any need for hooking up to the grid. Other options include a slide-out galley tray and awnings.

    This is an option as well:

    Bivak camper turns a pickup truck into a capable expedition vehicle
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    That's perfect for a monkey right up in a tree..
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