Hiking trip with my son

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ColtCarbine, Jun 22, 2008.

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    I wanted to take my son on a hike to a few waterfalls in our area that neither of us had ever seen before. I have lived in this area for over 20 yrs. and never knew this waterfalll existed this close to home, not many folks know it exists since it isn't on any maintained or developed trail, just blaze through the woods down to the creek, go up creek about a 1/2 mile and you're there.

    It was well worth the hike down to Abiqua Creek Falls. The trail was no more than a deer trail down to the creek about a 1 1/2 mile hike. If you can imagine walking along a creek and hearing a waterfall in the distance and turning the corner and seeing this bowl cut out of rock. It was one of the most amazing sounds I've ever heard. A 70-80 ft. waterfall inside of a rock faced bowl that in areas was well over 100 ft. in height and at least 100 yds. across.

    1st picture is what you see coming around the corner, first view of the falls. 2nd picture is my son and one of his friends coming across a log from the other side. 3rd picture is he and his friend at edge of pool. 4th picture is my son and I. Last picture is looking straight up the rock face inside bowl.

    The sound of the waterfall inside the rock bowl amphitheater was amazing well worth the hike. I will be taking others up there in the future, especially once it gets hotter here and water warms up a bit, the water is still kinda cold at about 45 degrees. I have gotta take a dip into this pool this summer.

    Oh yeah, we also took a hike that day to Upper and Lower Butte Creek Falls that day, pics coming from those falls also.
    ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(008).JPG ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(018).JPG ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(022).JPG ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(027).JPG ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(041).JPG
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    another shot closer to falls
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    Awesome Colt,
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    Amazing set of pics mate!
    Hope you and ya son enjoyed yourselves.

    It's mad that when you live in a place, sometimes you dont know of, or have never visited a place that others may travel from afar to see, aint it?
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    Looks like fun....
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    amazing location... Bear" I eat turds and drink urine" Gryyls would climb down using his bootlaces...
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    Pics of Upper Butte Creek Falls, last pic is of Lower Butte Creek Falls from afar

    Easy hike on a developed trail into these falls, not as spectacular as Abiqua Creek Falls but still cool

    Sorry for the poor quality of photos the digital camera is just a cheapie, haven't developed the 35mm photos yet
    ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(063).JPG ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(060).JPG ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(074).JPG ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(079).JPG ButteCreekFalls2008_0615(078).JPG
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    i need to move to OR... it looks like wonderfull country
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