Hinderer Investigator Pens - Titanium / aluminum

Discussion in 'Blades' started by melbo, Nov 2, 2012.

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    We now have Hinderer Investigator pens for sale in both Aluminum and Titanium.

    I've been carrying one of these pens for almost a year. It's small enough to fit in a front pocket and has a removable pocket clip. The pen is CNC made and has grooves for a secure grip if you ever needed to use it in self defense. Hint: it's not a knife so can be taken to work and possible other places where they don't allow you to board go with a blade. It takes Fisher Space Pen refills which allows it to write on wet paper and in any orientation.

    Aluminum Investigator Pen
    Aluminum pens: $60
    Titanium pens: $200

    Message me through the forum here or email to purchase.

    See more images here: Hinderer Pens - Investigator and Extreme Duty

    IMG_1183 (Small).JPG

    IMG_1192 (Small).JPG

    IMG_1193 (Small).JPG
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    "Officer.....he asked me for an Autograph....he wasn't specific where....... so I autographed his skull ......in braille!"
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    "Yes, but on the inside?"
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    "I didn't like the way he was thinking at me."
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    Dangnabbit Melbo! Now I've got to figure out how to come up with some more $$ so I can get one!
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    Site Supporters get 10% off [respect]
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