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Discussion in 'Technical' started by Hazmat54, Mar 3, 2013.

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    I have not had any real problem with security. It just kind of bothers me that stuff I did a Google search on shows up on Facebook or other online accounts. I am thinking that Gmail is the big culprit here.

    I have just created a new email at Mail.com. Any huge problem with that?

    I need to be able to check the email on my phone. Right now I have an iPhone. Contract is up in a few months and I will probably go with an Android phone, Galaxy Note maybe. Is there an email app for checking imap/pop3 email accounts?

    I read a thread about startpage. It seems to be Google based. Will it be mining my search queries and directing ads my direction?

    Basically I use my phone for internet. I have no home internet service. I keep this laptop in my car and connect to a network if I feel a need for a larger screen. Is there a secure way to do internet searches on my phone, without attracting ads?

    Facebook? Well, it is how I keep in touch with nieces and nephews. I don't want my new email to be connected to Facebook in any way. Just use the gmail for that I guess.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    It really depends on the ISP That supplies the eMail location... And just HOW they treat requests from the FEDs and LE... Google is totally compromised, as is MicroSqash, and to some extent Yahoo. To be absolutely safe, do your own, like I do... I own the Server, and I own the Domain, they have to serve ME any warrant, in person, and then they would be legal to go seize the hardware, which is NOT LOCAL, and 1000 miles away, in a private residence, served by an RF link, that is Serviced by my Partner. He would have to be contacted, before hand, and then have plenty of time to NUKE THE SERVER, which has A NUKE Option, running on a Deadman, NOW. All the data on the drives is encrypted, and the keys, are NOT ON THE DRIVES, but only in memory, with a download from a None-DNS accessed Server, when a reBoot happens.

    So, you need to check out the ISPs very carefully... And ask lots of questions, BEFORE, you plunk down you cash...
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    Yes, in a world where police can't even reach let alone locate your residence, your way is best, BT.
    But for those flatlanders who are subject to unwarranted search and seizures on a daily basis, it serves little added protection on the greater scheme of things to host their own server. I fully support self-hosting, it's just not a "catch-all". Granted, an unwarranted snatch and grab is wrong, but that usually won't stop law enforcement in this day and age. Also, to claim any evidence won't be admissible is also a myth due to the fact that the deck is stacked against the people from the start, and unless you're a millionaire, fighting the system is a no-win situation, especially if you're sitting in Gitmo.

    Yeah, encryption is the way to go. It's just awesome.
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    Hushmail – Free Email with Privacy

    Free encrypted email.

    Startpage is better than google but if you're using a cell as your ISP - forget about secure search - especially with an iphone. Won't be long before you start getting txt's and ads just for walking past a store if you're permalogged in to Facebook. Worst part is the data they're mining on you is DIRECTLY traceable to the account holder of the cell, not just an IP address.
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