Hints for Wood Cook Stoves

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    Here is a good link for using a wood cook stove.. I used to have a cook book that had some of these tips in it for maintaining and using your cook stove, I do not seem to be able to locate that book any longer, so was delighted to run across these tips..

    The Wood-Burning Cook Stove In My Kitchen
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    Wood cook stoves are like wives, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Pick a stove you like, learn how to live with it and how to make it work best and enjoy a long and fruitful relationship.
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    My family has been using wood cook stoves for a long time .
    I got this one from an antique store, many of the parts were missing so I had to do the best I could finding things that would fit . we used it for many years and moved it from home to home .
    When I fianally moved here from the mountains, alone, the poor thing had given it's all, and the tin was shot , so I rebuilt it with heaviner boiler plate and it again performs wonderfully. DSCN4200.JPG
    As you can see there is a dog leg in the stove pipe .
    This I have done every where we go because it helps the stove to operate more efficiently .
    I took the liberty of making adaptors for burning gas so I can continue to use it in the summer months with out heating the house up more .
    this is the wood splitter I made, that sits next to the stove.
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