(Historic) Mississippi Church Torched, Vandalized With Pro-Trump Slogan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DKR, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. DKR

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    The mayor of a Mississippi town where a black church was torched and vandalized with the words "Vote Trump" said Wednesday it is being "investigated as a hate crime."

    Calling the burning of Hopewell Baptist Church in Greenville a "hateful and cowardly act," Mayor Errick Simmons said this was "an attack on the black community."

    "It appears to be a race crime," Simmons said. "It happened in the 50s, it happened in the 60s. It shouldn't happen in 2016."


    The fire was reported at 9:16 p.m. Tuesday, and when firefighters arrived they found the main sanctuary of the brick building engulfed in flames, Greenville Fire Chief Ruben Brown said. The Trump graffiti was found in big letters on an outside wall, he said.

    False Flag event by:
    FBI - on account they are up to their collective azzes in trouble?
    Democratic party to get out the Black vote?
    A paid Hillary operative to damage the Trump train"
    A local crazy?

    I refuse to believe that someone/anyone is so stupid as not too see this a week before the election as anything other than blatant Agitprop....of the worst kind, the kind that hurts innocent bystanders.

    Of course the Press will have a hayday beating up Trump, painting all Whites as racist pigs and on and on.

    Sad thing is the overwhelming majority of these kinds of events have been proven to be outright hoaxes by "Activists". And that is the saddest thing of all - the state of our once former great Nation - reduced to criminal acts to try and affect an election....

    Bastards, the lot.
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  2. Sgt Nambu

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    WAY TOO OBVIOUS, LIBS!!! :cautious:
  3. T. Riley

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    False flag. No one would be that stupid, even a deplorable. Throughout American history it has been Dems responsible for hate crimes against blacks.
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  4. Dont

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    And who would be more likely to be anti Christan?
  5. Seepalaces

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    And, my money says there would be far fewer of these crimes if they were prosecuted as hate crimes even if they were perpetrated as hoaxes. Either way, they will catch the perps, I hope they enjoy prison.
  6. chelloveck

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    Who knows for certain....until the crime is investigated and the culprit(s) are brought to book. It's all speculation, tinged with confirmation bias so far. It's not as if church burnings have been uncommon in the South, even in recent years.

    List of attacks against African-American churches - Wikipedia

    Church arson - Wikipedia

    America knows who has been burning black churches, but it refuses to say

    Church burnings after Charleston: part of a 'long, dark' history that never stopped

    It's A good thing that the arson investigators are not relying on the kibitzing from this (and other) site(s).....otherwise they'd be rounding up the usual suspects, much to the delight and relief of the actual perp.

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  7. Legion489

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    Years ago there was a magazine/newsletter that listed all the hoaxes that happened in the year and yeah, 99.9% of the "hate crimes" were done by the "victim".

    Case in Point: Dewayne Birdsong, black pimp and drug dealer from Chicago, who moved to Coralville, IA so his wife could go to school here Long story short, he spray painted his car, claimed "de Klan did it!", got lots of money fom lib-tards, all the alphabet groups swarmed all over, found he did it, left, no charges filed. Easy to find on the net.

    Now go google the "hate crime" in Dubuque, IA where the head of the NAACP burned his garage down and then claimed "de Klan did it!" See above.
  8. marlas1too

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    all of the above
  9. chimo

    chimo the few, the proud, the jarhead monkey crowd

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  10. chelloveck

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  11. chimo

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    nor has anyone even been arrested in the current case, yet you seem bent on blaming it on Caucasians while poo-pooing the very real possibility it could have been a racial or political false flag. Curious indeed. White guilt got your keyboard? ;)
  12. Seepalaces

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    Some reading for you: My 10 Favorite Hate-Crime Hoaxes

    And, if you're right, that there are tons of church burnings, you'd think you'd be the first person to demand that hoaxers be brought to justice. They are typically given a slap on the wrist, while they were demanding blood from people they disagree with. Let's decide to give the exact same punishment to whomever commits a crime. That's the essence of egalitarianism, isn't it?
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  13. chelloveck

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    Have I blamed the Hopewell Baptist Church on Caucasians? What part of
    did you not comprehend?

    Have I ruled out a false flag?
    Have I excluded any particular motivation from all the possible motivations for the crime?
    If I have poo poo'd anything its the tendency to leap to conclusions without any more evidence than biased supposition.

    Based on the comments in this thread, the perp would be profiled as a liberal, Democrat, anti Christian (Muslim? atheist?) committing a politically motivated hoax. I think the investigators would be very remiss if they didn't widen their scope beyond those parameters.

    No white guilt here...I've nothing to feel guilty about....least of all, being white, male, or cis gender. I look forward to the outcome of the FBI investigation with interest.

    I was drafting my reply to chimo, before I had read your post, Seepalaces, but my reply to chimo also answers your question.

    Regardless of the target being a church, the act was a serious felony, irrespective of the perp's race, or motivations for committing arson. Whoever the culprit was, if apprehended, charged and convicted; they should face the full force of the law.
    Edit: including conspirators, and accessories before, after and to the crime.
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  14. Seepalaces

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    I think it's amusing when we all come to the same conclusion, but we keep arguing. How about them cubs?
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  15. Dont

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    @chelloveck , You are correct that there should not be a rush to judgment in any case reported in the news..

    However, we , Monkeys, are a population that are accustomed to viewing a situation with a view to the who, where, and what further actions can be expected. And what does one need to do to ensure the safety and well being of loved ones.

    History has many examples of church burnings and bombings, that is populated with those of a particular race. Ones perpetrated by those that have a particular view of what race relations should be. There are also those that make the claim of being a victim of an act, only to be shown to be self perpetrated. Are these actions meant to cause a specific response from a particular population and what form will that action take.

    We are thinkers and planers.

    This is only my opinion.
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  16. chelloveck

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    Indeed. And sometimes church property burns down due to faulty wiring, carelessness, and dare I say it....acts of god!,

    I don't see it as arguing as such....much disagreement follows from misunderstanding.

    108 years is a long time to wait for a world series win....hopefully the Cubs won't have to wait another century. :)
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  17. Dont

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    God's expressing his criticism of this particular work of art? That church may want to take heed.
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  18. chelloveck

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    Art? I must applaud god's judgement on religious kitsch. (y)

    Edit: Thankfully not all religious architecture and imagery are as tacky....there is something to be said for sitting in silent contemplation in a beautiful cathedral, temple or mosque.
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  19. Seepalaces

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  20. DKR

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    The sad part is that the arsonist is not only black, but a member of the congregation. So, it really was a hate crime - he hated someone in the congregation......
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