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    I think most everyone who links to this site will be pleasantly surprised with the wealth of info and recipes that make this man hungry.
    Historical Foods - Recipes, Cooking & History
    I have linked this site to my favorites list on my computer.
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  2. Tikka

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    That was an interesting site; thanks for sharing it.
  3. hank2222

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    thats for shareing the website
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    I've wanted to open an Irish pub for a long time- a place with decent food- and I know that food from the Isles doesn't really have a good reputation, but that's fairly recent. Older recipes look pretty good, but they come in quantities generally made for 6-8 people at a time. This is because when they slaughtered a sheep or a goat (much less a cow!) they invited all the neighbours over and made a feast of it due to no refrigeration. If every family did that once in a year, most everybody get fed pretty well. They would obviously preserve a lot of it in sausage, jerking, etc. But that left a lot of meat that needed to be used up right away. I would expect similar situations in a truly bad economy where electricity becomes unreliable.
  5. beast

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    now im hungry, thanks :)
  6. STANGF150

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    Thanks for sharing that site. It gave me ideas and I shared it with a few female friends that appreciated it as well. [stirpot]
  7. Seacowboys

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    I have been craving sheep's tongue souse lately with johnny-cake. I guess it's time to head back to the Bahamas.
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