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    I'd like this thread to be a place where folks can post pics of lesser known historical sites in their general area. Many state historical societies have websites that feature articles and images that you may utilize. I ask that you stick to posting pics or links to ones that you have actually encountered in person tho. Keep it civil and on topic and this could be a great way for those of you who are amateur history buffs like myself to learn something about places you would likely never hear of or visit.

    I'll kick it off with a few from my own local area.



    The text reads: "During the canal years of the 1850s a rivalry grew between Bill Jones and Jack Billings for the love of Minnie Warren. There became hatred by Bill because Minnie chose Jack. On a fall night in 1854, returning from a party, Minnie and Jack were surprised on the bridge by Bill, armed with an axe. With one swing, Bill severed Jack's head. Seeing this, Minnie screamed and fell into a watery grave. Bill disappeared, and when a skeleton was found years later in a nearby well, people asked was it suicide or justice."

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    Being of Shawnee descent I have a slew of pics of markers related to the Shawnee who occupied the land around here.
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    Are you familiar with geocaching? They make use of these as part of a game. You may find info you're looking for through their site, even if you choose not to participate.
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