History - 1st Cavalry, Vietnam, 1965-1966

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    Its been a while since I posted a link to charlieblack.net so I thought it was time. This is a website I developed for a friend early in 2001.

    Charlie Black wrote a tremendous number of articles for the Columbus Ledger Enquirer during his numerous tours of duty in Vietnam in the mid-sixties. His unique approach to covering the war was to put on a uniform, lace up his combat boots, hump his own gear (manual typewriter and weapon included) and slog through the mud, heat and bugs alongside the soldiers he wrote about. Most of the other reporters relied on headquarters briefings and rear-echelon interviews as the basis for their information. Guys like Charlie and Joe Galloway were on the choppers, at the front, in foxholes getting shot at and, occasionally, shooting back. The perspective gained from these up-close experiences made for some very personal reports of not only the action, but more importantly, the human involvement of our guys in action. The connection that developed between Charlie and the troops was one of mutual respect and love forged out of shared experiences.

    Make sure to click the "Articles" link on the left hand side of the page. I was able to include the text and graphics from Charlie's news articles about the 1st Cavalry in Vietnam during 1965 and 1966. Great history there.
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    Thanks for sharing; the site was very enjoyable.

    A lot of the comments posted were advertisements which I found disrespectful.
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    As a habitue of many of the same areas a few years later (I got in-country in 1/68 and to the Cav in 7/68), I am enjoying many of the articles. Thank you.
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    Thank you. I will return to read more, later. PIC100GRTST3.
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