Hitler's Gun to Be Auctioned

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    Hitler's Gun to Be Auctioned
    Sunday, January 22, 2006

    •BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — A gun that may have belonged to Adolf Hitler is expected to fetch thousands of dollars when it's auctioned off.

    The bidding on the German-made shotgun with the initials "A.H." begins Jan. 30 in an online auction hosted by a pawn shop in Bloomington, Illinois. Shop owner Wes Lane says he didn't believe it when he was first told the weapon once belonged to Hitler. But he changed his mind after hearing the story about how it was taken from one of Hitler's secret hideaways in May 1945. Now he's "totally convinced."

    The gun found its way into the hands of a soldier who settled in central Illinois and kept it under his bed. The man died more than a decade ago and his family no longer wants the gun.

    Net proceeds from the auction will go to the Anti-Defamation League
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    Buy it [GR].
  3. monkeyman

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    Think I'll just wait for his side arms to go on sale. b::
  4. Quigley_Sharps

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    Im bidding :shock:
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