Hmm, yet another military exercise

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VisuTrac, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. VisuTrac

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    Hey this time they are in LA.

    Well, ok they might stand a better chance at getting into a real fire fight.

    LA Military Exercises | KFI NEWS - KFI AM 640 More Stimulating Talk Radio

    Something is afoot. Don't they already have cities that model those where they are being deployed? Or is this where they intend to deploy. [aiw]
  2. Alpha Dog

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    An easy way to mask reconig areas by calling it traing plus you never know what they could be leaving behind.
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  3. Tikka

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    In LA whatever they leave behind will be stolen...


    With today's technology all they are getting is exercise and being in public.

    As our borders have been open for years; if you were an AL-Qaeda planner how many fighters would you have in the US?

    Personally, I'd have a lot.
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  4. Cephus

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    Tikka you don't need a lot ,300 well trained troops could bring things to a stand still .
    As far the things getting stolen yeah it would be gone and part of somebody's stereo system !!
  5. tulianr

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  6. ColtCarbine

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  7. Seawolf1090

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    I'm eagerly awaiting the pics of Humvees sitting on their hubs, minus their wheels....... ;)
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  8. DKR

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    Ain't gonna happen, no RIMS. No bling, no sale.
  9. Tikka

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    300 is larger than the size of a rifle or line company. ;)

    Fighting trained infantry is different than a shoot out.
  10. Hispeedal2

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    Not like you think they would have. The average Fort has an urban site that is used for Company sized training. BN sized at best. Forget anything larger. Realism is an issue as well. Let's face it a few sparse buildings does not make a "model".

    I have yet to train at any site that was anything close any city I have deployed to.

    Here is the link to the other thread for those that haven't seen it:
    Other Thread

    Tulianr did a great job explaining these exercises (mostly Marine I suppose, because I've never heard of them)-
    Paranoia will continue to trump explanation and common sense. This should probably be in the tin foil hat lounge?
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  11. NVBeav

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    We don't want to be asleep at our watch - not that the particular exercises are nefarious. If someone didn't keep an eye out, no telling what the purposes could degenerate into. The gubamint hasn't done a lot to endear our trust recently.
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