Hmmmm...Darn, rotten socialism...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bnmb, Aug 11, 2010.

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    douchebaggery knows no bounds. Only a socialist wouldn't understand why America is not the happy place.. it's because we're pissed off about becoming like Europe. Of course we're not happy. But, those socialist countries are only happy as long as the "free" stuff is still greased up and rolling in. When that stuff comes to a halt, they go from happy to "kill ****" in under 2 seconds.
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    That's what a im-moral majority want for this country! Freebies! All they can get while setting on their couches stuffing themselves with fa (s) t foods and thinking happy happy thoughts! I spoke to several Europeans lately, they are not so happy...1 I know moved to New Mexico from Australia, man, is HE in for a rude awakening! He thought Australia was bad? Wait til he gets a load of good ole' Bill Richardson! Snort!
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    From the article:

    It's relatively easy. Start by tearing down America's base (small business, agriculture, and industry), and raise up the few corporate cartels, shipping most jobs overseas. America serves only one primary function: consume the labor of the rest of the world. We exist now only to give other nations a purpose for "their labor." -Naturally, the GDP will be skewed. Our consumer base has done a thorough job.

    On another note, there's to be a sale at JCPenney tomorrow. Half off anything made in China.
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    Of course they're happy. They don't know any better.
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    I am not going to post in this thread. I covered it last time. just trying to have some fun again!

    Ok. I posted.
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    What did I do now??? I didn't write the article...I just thought it was interesting! It's not my fault they are happy!... :rolleyes:
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    I think those "Socialist" countries are going to be "hurtin for ceratain" with the wheat crisis that is currently unfolding. They are going to go hungry shortly and beg for some "Capitalist" bread. Literally.
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    Well, I am sure we have a drug called "Ceratain" somewhere...

    And we Capitalists have no bread, remember? FDR forced all the farmers into debt in the 30's and 40's? The gov't then took away all their farms or threatened to unless they started to plant bio-engineered Monsanto seeds...then, the government regulates how much they can and cannot plant or sell. The bread we eat (unless you make your own or buy whole wheat from a reputable dealer) is practically worthless, void of almost all nutrients. You might as well eat cardboard.

    Yeah the Socialists might have it bad, but I wouldn't be too worried about them if I were you. ;)
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    Hm. I sense the cultivation of something else under gro-lamps in your basement ---.
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    Duuude! Did you know that they sell this stuff called "Spike Gold" at gas stations and stuff? It's supposed to be an incense, but people smoke it (I heard) -and it freaking Bah-LOWS away stank weed. Like, we are talkin' TUBULAR stuff here, man. Out of. This. Worald!
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    I want some, I want some!....seesaw
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