HOA causes another liberal to "bite the dust"

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    Interesting rant on Claire wolfes' mental militia forum

    <---BEGIN RANT--->

    Dealing with a homeowner's association is part of why I'm planning to move to a Western state and live in the middle of nowhere on land with no codes. HOAs are another layer of Nanny State, added at the bottom of Fed, State, County and local. Think fighting city hall is easy? Try arguing with a homeowner's association.

    Homeowner's association may have an advantage of keeping a neighborhood from turning into something like the rest of the surrounding ghettos a little slower, but they add some polite, quite, orderly hell, administered by professional babysitters well-versed in Roberts Rules of Order.

    A year and a half ago, someone tried to break in while we were home. I went outside with a stun gun and a phone and confronted him. He said "Oh, I thought it was my house" and slinked away. I called 911, cops actually got here quick and actually caught him. ID'ed him to the police. He wasn't much of a thief, he even still had the stick in his pocket he was trying to use to pry our bedroom window open.

    It took me nine months of increasingly dunning letters to the HOA to get them to approve putting motion sensor lights over our bedroom window. Even though we "own" our house, we needed permission to friggin' put up lights! When we move elsewhere, if something like that came up, I'd be up on a ladder the next morning. I'd have been at the hardware store when it opened. I'm a very DIY guy, and it offends me to the core to have to go through bureaucrats to do basic home improvement.

    In that nine-month period I bought and installed a nice alarm system and security cameras, bought five guns, me and the wife learned to use them, and I quit being a liberal. And somehow ended up here.

    What a long odd trip it's been. I feel like my midlife crisis is no crisis at all, it's been me and my wife discovering liberty. And I guess I have that burglar and <del>the house nazis</del> the homeowner association to thank.


    <---END RANT--->[applaud]

    HOAs - another layer of nanny state.
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