Hog Hunting With The AR-15

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    Just my two cents worth from killing a few ton of hogs here in Florida swamps. Dogs don't track them well in water. Hogs like water. I like the early Muzzleloading gun season. I have shot big hogs broadside to me at 50 to 75 yards with a well placed boiler room hit. 54 cal. thompson center maxi bullets pushed with a 90 grain 2f charge. Also .530 round balls with .020 patch and 120 grain 2f charge. Either one of these loads should put down a buffalo or a big bear. These loads actually knock deer off their feet whether standing or running. Until I ceased taking body shots on large hogs, I wasted a ton of time trying to find them, often without success. Some of you will say, well it was a bad shot, or poor bullet placement. I have no doubt it was a good true hit, and sometimes had a lot of initial blood loss to support that. Even when they stayed on dry ground the blood trail would dry up after a relatively short distance. I switched to shots at under 50 yards on hogs and head shots only. I have never lost a hog or have to look more than a very short number of steps from where it was standing since. 3 inch 12 gauge with 12 number 00 balls is another story completely..... I do believe fat and gore clog the hole(s) on well hit hogs and allow them to run off and die. JMHO ..... YMMV
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