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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by RightHand, Dec 18, 2012.

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    Dick's sporting goods management are idiots. They should immediately gather all their firearms from all their stores and run them thru a car crusher and or a smelter. This might show the idiot libs that they are realy serious and willing to properly atone for their sins. Feathers and nerf swords should be sold in their place. "For the children" of course. Baseball bats should be burned and all knives smelted as well. Why stop there, next lets save the poor tortured fishes. All hooks should have their barbs removed and hook points should be filed blunt. From now on, only catch and release just for the fun of it without inflicting pain on these sensitive beautiful creatures. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG? [stirpot] ............. jus kidding
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    It's not just a name, it's also a customer service policy and a managment style ! [tongue]
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    Have never had the "honor" of being their customer--see now that I will be missing the pleasure from now on. These idiot "knee jerk" actions are simply the sheeple running for cover. Does not change that evil is among us and will not be stopped by stupid moves like this. We have "school resource officers" (police/deputies) at our schools and have no problems. Hopefully this presence will continue to serve as an effective deterrent to the nut jobs running amuck among us.
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    American Guns sucked anyway just like most of the other reality shows. The only thing missed from this show will be the boobies.

    Really????, flying around in a helicopter to do a gun buy/trade. Some of these shows do more damage than good, IMO and will leave it at that.
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    Like 06- I have never had the pleasure of buying anything gun related from Dick's, looks like that will continue.
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    I have never been in a Dick's store so I guess they will not miss me.
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    Yeah, that guy was a total prick. Tried to scam every seller of good chunks of cash. That's not a businessman, IMO, that's a scammer. Some of the prices were just so unreasonable I had to laugh. Stopped watching afterwords.
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    Dick's bought out or took over two Galyen's in my town. They are like a small scale bass pro, and prices are a bit high, but the selection is not bad. I can usually find what I want at a better price somewhere else. I will continue to use them, but only when they are the best choice. Because I despise knee-jerk reactions in myself, as well as others. The free market will show them the error of their ways.
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    Now, I'm annoyed. I responded to the link in the shoutbox for Obummer holding a baby, and after reading all the comments from people asking Obummer to save them and the world at , at large, I had to put it into words, only to find out at the end, I have to sign in with Facebook. I don't Facebook. So I'll put it here to get it off my chest. Do with it what you will.

    Your Response

    • user_large.

      a few minutes ago

      Laws are only for the lawful. More gun laws/ restrictions, will make no real difference, but will let you feel like you did something useful. If this psycho, didn't have a gun, it would have been a bomb, or a knife, or poison,or the car he took from his mother. I am sick of knee-jerk reactions, and feel good answers, that do nothing but restrict the lawful. The purpose of the second amendment, was to keep the citizen at the same military level as a soldier, to prevent Government from taking your rights from you. The Founding Fathers feared Government, enough to restrict Government. Read your Constitution, Read the Federalist Papers, and learn enough of your history, so you can understand why guns are the backbone of your freedom.
      We designate public access areas as “gun free Zones” Schools, malls, public buildings. Great, how well has that been working for you lately? Another school shot up, a theater, and a shopping mall. Oh, did I mention? The mall shooting (another gun free zone) was stopped by a shopper with a CCW? Concealed carry Weapon? The CCW carrier did not even shoot, because there people in the line of fire, but the mall shooter, ran. Entered a stairwell and killed himself. One armed citizen made a difference, without even firing his weapon.
      The only thing that would have stopped either shooter, was a few well placed rounds from a CCW. A Gun Free Zone, is not a safety advantage, it's a Target Rich Environment, with no one to shoot back. We protect or money and our products better than we protect our children. Our banks have armed guards, armored cars deliver our money and gemstones. We GPS our shipments, and seal the containers with padlocks, but our children? Break a window….a rock will do that.
      We haven't had a child die in a school fire in what? 50 years? But we have regular fire drills, sprinkler systems, fire alarms in every hallway, and fire proof building materials. Yet how many kids have died in schools of violence? Gun Free Zones kill people, because psychos do not obey laws, and seek weak, gun free targets. Think on that, before you call for restrictions on the lawful.
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    I hate having to sign in with Facebook. It's obnoxious. I don't facebook.. I refuse to.. so I feel your pain.
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    What a disservice to a comminunity that in reality may have other craizes, I think they should offer a discount for residents so they will be able to defend themselves. Must be a yankee thing.
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    I don't facebook either but I liked your response.
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    It's ok, Cerberus is divesting of Freedom Group. You know, the parent company that builds the bushmaster EBR at the center of the carnage. I'll buy it off them, if they offer terms from the profits of the dozens of firearms,ammo and accessory companies under the Freedom Group Umbrella.

    I smell a fire sale. Alas, no cash.
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    Never been to this place called '' Dick's''.
    And from what i've read..I guess i will remain ''Dickless''..
    Does that sound about right or no ?
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    NO.:eek:That really does not sound right!
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    One of the best summaries I have seen. If more people in congress were like you I would feel much more confident in our government.
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