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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by RightHand, Dec 18, 2012.

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    I just sent them (Dick's) a website message.... " Out of respect, for your Marketing Practices, I will not be doing ANY BUSINESS with your Company. I will also encourage ANYONE I come in contact with, to do the Same... Bruce"
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    Dang, just wrapped about $200 worth of exercise clothes (from Dick's) etc. for Mrs. Crafty last night for Xmas. Looks like I'm going to open them early to take them back.
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    Did you get a reply back BT? I hate Dick's. We have 4 of them here. The commercials blared for months " I'm waiting to go to Dick's for lower prices...yadda yadda yadda." They are way over priced. I buy from Walmart then Academy then Bass Pro ..if I have to go to Dick's I don't need it.
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    I used to shop Galyans regularly as well. They had very good camping, hiking, shooting and skiing departments. Then Dicks bought them and converted them to Dicks and those departments were substantially scaled back in favor of more mainstream sporting goods. Dicks did not please me and I still harbor some disdain toward then. Hmmm... that doesn't make me a lesbian does it? Just checking.

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    Nothin in my eMail Box yet.... I will publish any response, but I am not holding my breath....
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    Check this out:

    Dana Safety Supply Stops Selling Semi Auto Rifles to Civilians So Sheriff Pulls His Business | Guns Save Lives

    Outside of Atlanta, GA is a descent place to live. I much prefer 'Good 'ol boys" to jack-boots. I hope that guy gets re-elected.

    Well, another vendor has joined the ranks of those that fail to completely honor the Second Amendment.
    Dana Safety Supply has stated that they will no longer sell self loading rifles to civilians and will reserve those rifles for sale only to law enforcement agencies.
    According to numerous reader reports and other reports around the net, Dana Safety Supply has issued the following statement which suspends their sale of semi automatic rifles to civilians.
    An email to DSS remains unanswered and a request for comment on their Facebook page was deleted without comment.
    The following image was snapped by a customer at the GA location.
    This would put Dana in the company of several other companies who have adopted the same policy in recent days.
    Well hey, at least they have their law enforcement sales to keep them in business, right?
    Wait, not so fast?
    One Sheriff in Oconee County, GA begs to differ. Sheriff Scott Barry tells us:
    Well, I have done business in the past with DSS and found them to be an excellent source of products that we buy…however, I just sent them this email
    It is my understanding that you have stopped selling self loading rifles to members of the general public in favor of selling them to law enforcement officers only.
    I deeply regret that decision. As such, this agency will no longer seek bids from or purchase from DSS.
    Thank you for your time and attention to this email.
    Sheriff Scott Berry
    Oconee County Georgia Sheriffs Office
    Kudos to Sheriff Berry for standing up for the civilian right to bear arms.
    If anyone is interested the following companies are also owned by the same people who own Dana Safety Supply:
    Dana Safety Supply, Atlanta, GA
    Southern Firearms, Greensboro, NC
    Palmetto Firearms, Columbia, SC (NOTE: This is NOT Palmetto State Armory!)
    Central Firearms, Tampa, FL
    Dana Safety Supply, Miami, FL
    Duval Honda
    Duval Ford
    Duval Acura
    Duval Mazda at the Avenues
    Mercedes-Benz of Gainesville
    Subaru of Gainesville
    Tampa Honda Land
    Countryside Ford of Clearwater
    Countryside Mazda of Clearwater
    U.S. Auto Credit
    Scott-McRae Advertising
    Cause to Communicate
    Commercial Landscape Solutions
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