Hollywood? Or just really stupid training?

Discussion in 'Range reports' started by Jay Tx, Dec 24, 2011.

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  2. ghrit

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    Some of it has elements of good practice, but some is just downright dangerous. Crossing in front of a hot weapon as they do in one of those exercises, coordinated or not, is an invitation to friendly fire. Dance moves, mostly.
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    That has to be the most dangerous gun play with live ammo I have ever seen. Ok if you exclude the one where the idiot has his buddy test his body armor and misses the chest plate (at about 10 feet stationary)
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    Some of that is based on sound training some is pure BS. You do shoot by and over people in a tactical situation. But you also talk while you are doing it things like coming up when getting off the ground so your buddy doesnt pop your melon. Just sayen
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    Just a NOTE, here:.......

    it looks to this observer, that all this training is designed to be used against a Perp, that is unAware of the imminent invasion of his area. One well Armed, and aware Bad Guy, with a 18.5" unimproved cyl. choked 12 Ga. Shotgun, with an extended Magazine , and loaded with 00Buck, and Slugs, wearing Hearing Protection, and the appropriate Optics over his eyes, could make a mess of those Idiots, as they come thru the ChokePoints. (Doors and Hallways) Once they lose the element of "Surprise" if they ever had it, in the first place, they are Toast. Waco proves this POINT, in Spades. You never hear about the AFT Idiots that first went into Waco, and how they fair these days. Did you ever wonder, WHY?
    All this SWAT, BS, will go out the window, if they try and take out someone, who is on his own territory, and has tactical advantage, due his prior planning and is well equipped, to defend against such BS. That it hasn't happened, or been reported YET, just means they haven't gone up against anyone, but sheeple, so far.... ..... YMMV..... Paper doesn't maneuver, and Shoot BACK.....
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    When you go to swat school one of the things you learn is when the bad guy is waiting and ready its the second or third officer in line that get hit. Reflex's are pretty standard even for the trained. These lesson are hard learned as they cost lives. The basic on one against many is the one loses in the end. I think the military ratio to over come a prepared defense is three to one.
  7. flatlander

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    The "one" will eventually lose but at what cost to the "many"

    Their ballet looks good with some valid training points but overall is a disaster waiting to happen as these "operators" believe in the soundness of their tactics.

  8. Dogfood

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    It looks cool on the range but in real life the targets don't stand still plus walls and other things in a real building would make this stuff less than likely to be useful. All that is before we even start talking about the fog of war.

    You go into a most of the time dark place you have never been maybe seen some photos. The plan is always out the window once you get the and see the ground. Then the shooting start you never feel that sure of where every one is even with NV on your site is limited your ears ringing like crazy. I would not want these guys with me just saying.
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  9. Seawolf1090

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    Just watched this video. I am NO expert on tactical shooting.... but a couple things stood out.
    1) Too much rubber necking and 'prairie dogging'. Bad guys to the front, gun to the front, why spend long seconds looking around behind?
    2) Surrounded by thugs, you got a rifle, gonna stand there and pop each one? This ain't a Wack-a-mole game.
    3) In one situation, our Hero walks quickly into an unsecured room firing blindly.... what about the unarmed mother holding her child cowering in the corner (theoretically...) - Hero just killed her. On the other hand if a couple Homies are in there with their Glock Fotays at the ready - Hero just walked into a meat-grinder.....

    Just a few randon thoughts from a total amatuer...... [stirpot]
  10. Tikka

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    If I was doing something that warranted them shooting me in self defense; I would have shot them already.

    They train as if the other guy is a target who will stand there begging to be shot.
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  11. rastus

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    Some of the worst 'training' I yet seen.
  12. jungatheart

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    Seems others don't like it either 13 likes, 108 dislikes. Looks scary dangerous to me.
  13. oth47

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    I have no combat experience,but I don't want any of those instructors or trainees behind me.Or in front.
  14. jim2

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    Yeah, that was pretty bad. I don't know which was worse, the ballet or the buddy fire support from the rear. On a known surface it was cutting it mighty close. Add a rough surface or unknown footing, and bad juju is bound to happen. Bet they charge pretty steep for the loud dancing lessons.

  15. chelloveck

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    Fantasia with sidearms....the sugar plum fairies could not have done better....;)
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