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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by ghrit, Mar 26, 2011.

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    I don't think I will run out and buy kydex for everything, but it makes you stop and think.
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    And that would never happen with the Springfield XD. :) I love the palm safety, the only one I need.
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    Hmmm, Looks to these eyes, like the guy was carrying, in a very UNSAFE condition. He had a round in the chamber, and apparently was carrying with the Safety in the OFF condition. If it was in any other condition, the holster couldn't have caused a Trigger Pull. If the holster somehow caused both, the weapons Safety to be moved to the OFF condition, and a Trigger Pull, then the Holster has TWO Serious Flaws. I would question the users reasons for carrying with the weapon, an obviously Double Action semi-auto, in this Static State. YMMV.....

    Wouldn't happen with my Single Action Browning HiPower.... ....
  5. Pax Mentis

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    It's a G19...not actually DA but with a striker block controled by the trigger safety. Apparently the holster got in far enough to depress the trigger safety. My problem with it is twofold...

    First of all, how could he not have noticed that the holster had softened and creased enough to make this possible? It did not happen suddenly, that crease was pretty well formed. After carrying for over 35 years now, I have gotten sometimes too casual about my equipment, but cannot see how anyone could get so casual as to not notice that before it got that bad.

    Secondly, it strikes me that a great deal of movement of the gun in the holster would be required. I carry a G19 and the trigger pull is fairly long...as long as DA semi autos that I have carried in the past. To me that holster would have to have been unsafe from a retention point of view from day 1 in order for the gun to travel in it that much.

    I'll stick with my G19...and with my Supertuck.
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    I just tried it with my G23, I am unable cant shove it far enough into the holster for it to trip the trigger. I wonder if he is using a miss match holster?
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    Something is very wrong with that story - holsters do not just up and get soft after a year of use like that. Galco is not the best of holsters but I have leather from 2003 that is just as stiff as it was then. Did this guy put some kind of oil on it? He had to have done something IMHO.

    I also do not see how he could not have seen the condition the holster was in and not replaced it.

    But I'm with Brokor. Being used to 1911's I love my XD45's with the grip safety, they are like second nature to me.
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