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    Holster wear can really effect the value and appearance of an expensive revolver or pistol. I have found that this can e minimized by form-fitting the leather to your particular firearm. The best way I have found to do this is to soak the leather holster in warm water over night. Then spray your weapon down with a silicoe lubricant and wrap it in a moisture barrier (I use plastic shopping bags). Insert the gun into the wet holster and seat it properly. THe handle of a tooth brush or similar object can then be used to press the holster countours into the weapon by rubbing it with the grain of the leather. The weapon is left inside the holster to allow drying for two to three days.
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    In your experience how dose it generaly do after that as far as the revolver being able to be easily drawn or dose it have more tendancy to hang up or be griped by the holster?
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    makes it secure but easy to draw
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    Good tip. Thanks
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    I'd never soak a leather anything overnight - usually a dip in hot water will make it pliable enough for anything. Anyway, buy a holster from a top maker and that stuff will already be done. :)
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    I buy most of my leather from El Paso Saddlery. No problems. Zip. Nada. You also can't go wrong with Milt Sparks. My Versa-Max II is my daily carry holster. Real comfortable. Don't skimp on leather if you are going to carry.
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    +1 on Milt Sparks.
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