Holsters- Overt, Covert, Crye Gunclip and Raven Vanguard 2

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    I have a pile of holsters that have been tried and discarded over the years. Starting with Fobus and Uncle Mikes plastic paddle holsters and finally moving to a Raven VG 2 AIWB for EDC. Below are a few of my favorites and holsters that are still in use.



    The Tactical Tailor modular holsters are great for overt carry. Covered in PALS webbing and paired with MALICE clips, they work well on a belt or attached to a plate carrier. Thumb break retention on both models.



    And the latest version which allows room for a light. This was a recent gift and has not been mounted nor used yet :)


    The Gunclip by Crye Precision is pretty cool. A Glock clips in and then a cover snaps shut, super secure even with the cover open. Takes a little getting used to as it uses a totally different draw stroke. The Gunclip can be worn on a belt or attached to PALS webbing on a battle belt or armor.



    My favorite (2015) is the Raven Vanguard 2. It's a minimalist holster that snaps over the trigger guard and clips to your belt. Worn AIWB for super fast draw. Note: I remove the VG2 prior to re-holstering. It only takes a second and is much safer than trying to holster with it inside your waistband. I wear at 12:30 but I believe it can be worn as far back as 4:00.





    What are you using?
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    Pictures are worth a thousand words. I saw the VG2 in your first photos and I sorta discounted it. Then I saw it on the job in your last pic. I like it. I too have a pile of holsters. I have several IWB's , pocket, and shoulder holsters. Always on the lookout for something better. They all work well in certain situations. I change with the seasons.
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    My Shoulder Rig, with my 9mm Belgian Browning HIPower.... When I need to Carry, Open or Concealed, this has been my standard, for 30+ Years......
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    I guess I'm still stuck in the past; or maybe its my cowboy roots, but I still use/prefer leather holsters. I have an old Bianchi that I bought back in the 80's for my Hi-Power. You can change the angle to 3 different settings by the brass screws. I LOVE that holster, and when it wears out I'll have another custom made as they haven't made it for years. Other than that one and the UM84'S(I think that's the model #) that we have on our LBE all of our stuff is Alessi leather. When I find a product that I really like, I'm loathe to give it up right or wrong. This coming from a guy that still uses his Ernie Hill Speedleather for IDPA and IPSC:rolleyes:
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    @melbo Nice review and thanks for tucking in the shirt last time you reviewed the belt there was some skin showing...[sarc2]
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  6. melbo

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    Nothing wrong with that TM. I have leather too but have found nylon and plastic to work well for my needs. I don't really have any dress holsters anymore, only tools
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    My son tossed a belt mounted leather that the hammer strap broke on years ago. Just a simple thing but I have used it almost exclusively for every day carry. Similar to that "gunclip" but leather. Have a shoulder that is nice and fits/holds close. Drop leg for hunting/tinkering w/buds.
  8. Brokor

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    I made my own IWB Crossbreed holster.
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    Looks good Brokor!
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