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    Most here should have thought this one thru for MZB's coming thru the door... but are you ready and if not what do you still need to do? There are many today with no job opportunities due to the economy, lack of proper parental guidance, and gang associations to name many of todays circumstances other than just plain evil at hand. What are you going to do to prevent them from entering and once they do what is your counter to bad things?

    I read a story of an older retired man that was invaded by a punk which beat him for some time. The old man asked to use the bathroom which was allowed, he pulled the gun out from behind the toilet he had stashed and came out- smoking the punk where he stood.

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    And the sad fact is you can pull these links all night...as they happen every night across this land.... what are you doing and what are you going to do to prevent this from happening? These preparation's to defend oneself from this evil, MZB's or other needs to be in the fore-front of your mind in defending you and yours.
    Food for thought.....
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    I used to deliver pizzas, with a raven.25 in hand under the pizza bag. 6 attempted muggings. Only successful mugging involved two guys, a rifle, and a machete. I desired not to fight that one. I lost a weeks pay that time.:(
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    Carry constantly. When my pants come off it goes beside my chair or bed. Extras about also for crowds. If the dogs bark I usually have one in hand to check it out. Being in the country and semi isolated makes one a bit more watchful.
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    My home Invaded *giggles* Remodeling can allow you to sneak all kinds of UpGrades into your home. Like the steel doors & door frames with loooooooong bolts anchoring them. Or the storm windows with long hexhead screws holding them on over triple layer locking windows. None of which would REALLY stop a BG, but would slow them down until I decide which firearm to Respond with.
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    We've spent a good deal of time thinking about this one, because it's a serious concern for us. Ours is a county with better than twelve percent unemployment, and twenty percent of the population receive food stamps (a good program for those who truly need it, but too often abused, and a good indicator to consider when looking at your personal security situation). Work isn't overly available in this area, and there are too many too lazy to travel in order to find work. And idle hands are apt to get into mischief.

    Anyway, layers of security was our answer, and we considered it from the moment we first began to plan our house.

    -We placed our house well off of the road, so that it can't be observed easily.
    -We have fenced yards, with several dogs.
    -We have no easily accessible windows - we had the house built in such as a way as to have no ground level windows.
    -We have no steps leading to our deck at the back of the house - it would take a twenty foot ladder.
    -We have solid exterior doors; and I up-armored the doors, reinforcing the lock and hinge areas.
    -We have a security system.
    -We keep a watchdog in the house, who has a proven history of biting people who don't know how to read "Beware of Dog" signs.
    -A gun is always within reach. My handgun is nearly always on me, we keep a gun secreted in each of the bath rooms, I have one permanently beside my workbench, and we have a gun secreted in a living room clock which was made for that purpose. We practice with our weapons regularly, and talk through responses to specific threats. We have done a couple of "house clearing" walk-throughs with weapons. I know where the blind spots are, and which steps are apt to creak.
    -The final level is attitude. Instead of thinking, "Oh no!, someone is breaking into our house!" it's more like, "Oh!, I don't believe some jacka$$ is trying to break into my house!" The biggest question is whether I get off the first shot, or my wife does. We're peaceful folks, but we're not victims.

    So, like the old joke in which a lady is pulled over by a police officer and is asked about having all of the weapons in her car, and asked "What are you afraid of?", I am afraid of absolutely nothing. Being prepared means not having to be afraid.
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    Nosey, gossippy neighbors for community alerts, yappy lil' dog for perimeter alerts, alarm for house, loaded AR's for me & the Mrs, loaded 12 guage for my son. Body armor and secure comms with headsets for all.

    Remember, the family that shoots together, has interlocking fields of fire !
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    Love this "Not So Sneaky"---"interlocking fields of fire".
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    American Rifleman - Preparing a Home Defense Plan
    As mentioned in the article.... "Now is the time to prepare your defense"!!!
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