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    One of the things that struck me about the panic buying at supermarkets as a result of the NCovid 19 pandemic, is the run on personal care products: particularly women's disposable sanitary pads; and baby nappies / diapers. There was a time in the not too distant past when these items were made for multiple time use, (after laundering of course). I will be posting in this and another thread, some YouTube clips and links for those who wish to rediscover the arcane skill of manufacturing home style female sanitary pads and diapers / nappies.

    youtube how to make a cloth diaper - Google Search

    how to make a cloth diaper pattern - Google Search

    Free Cloth Diaper Patterns | Diaper Sewing Supplies

    Making Baby Cloth Diapers - 18 wonderful Patterns {FREE} - Sew Guide

    Free Cloth Diaper PDF Patterns & Tutorials

    Making cloth diapers may become a very useful small scale cottage industry for those who have the skills, equipment and materials for making them. :) They would make a useful barter item too. (y)
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    As the older women in my family used to say, "boiling rags".
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    Cleaned plenty and puked plenty cleaning diapers...Not my first rodeo!
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    And these kids these days say's the older people need to get with the program and recycle more ,,,,, what more of an effort would you need to do to recycle ,, than to clean and reuse a diaper . Dumbass kids .
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  5. hot diggity

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    After all the babies are grown the soft diapers make some fine gun cleaning and polishing cloths.
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    All these young kids having kids they want to save the planet, but don't want to do anything that might be an inconvenience like reusing a washable baby diaper.
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    We have a whole bunch of old bed sheets we always saved just for events like this!
    I used to get in trouble for taking them and making shop rags outta them, Mom would come unglued as they were a one shot deal after that! It took this dumb kid a while to figure out what Mom had in mind with those old sheets! When my First born came along, she showed me! Duh.................Ura-Ki had no idea how smart Mom actually was! LOL
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    Also homemade surgical masks. Just wash and reuse.
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    My ex used to hammer me for saving rags (for working on cars, etc.) Well, I'll not be running short, not since the divorce --
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