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    A friend of mine told me about VoIP Phone Service - Internet Home Phone Service Providers | magicJack for a really cheap phone deal. The way it works is that you plug it in to your computer and it runs off of your hi-speed cable. He loves his, and the initial cost was about $53 for shipping of the tiny box (not much bigger than a pack of gun) that plugs into a USB port. Then you plug in your phone to the port and you are good to go. This is free local and long distance. Each year after is $19. I am going to try it out, hook up a base phone to the magicjack, then run a couple of cordless phones off of it. Supposedly there is no lag, the reception is great, you can still keep using your computer, the only thing it interferes with is audio on your cpu. I ordered one and I am going to give it a try, hopefully it will cut down on the minutes I am burning on my cell phones.

    Has anyone here tried it?

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    I am presently using net-telephone here in the bahamas. It costs me .01 per minute to call the states using a prepaid card that you can buy for $10.00-100.00. A fifty-buck card I bought in Sept. still has 39.73 on it and I call and bs with my wife for a long time each evening. I use VOnage at home and in the office here. It costs 19.00 a month, no other charges.
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    Never tried it...Never heard of it...but with my IP, my phone is hooked up to my cable modem...It's run thru the computer now...

    Let me know how it works!

    I pay $33 a month , for service, and unlimited long distance...(and boy do they lose out on me with that little bonus.... :)
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    Right now it only works on Windows, just something to keep in mind. I have not tried it as most of the people I talk with are on the net anyway so we use either Skype or google talk. Until they come out with a Linux device I'll have to stick with something else. Plus I have DSL and I need to keep my land line for the service
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