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    Seattle Auditor: Not enough public restrooms in Seattle for homeless

    Dori: Prolific offenders come here for drugs, but Satterberg says we can't prosecute possession

    Dori: Man arrested in Seattle arson case a homeless frequent offender
    Three articles worth reading.
    This is where your hard-earned money is going. Scumbags that aren’t actually “homeless” but choosing that life filled with drugs, crime, and filth. I get to see plenty of it. Imagine one of our beloved leaders getting to there cozy office and finding needles and poop at their feet. Poop!!
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    Don't get me started on that. We have sooo much here. Other freakin states are exporting theirs to Hawaii. WTF?!?
  3. DKR

    DKR Interesting ideas, interesting stories

    'homeless' camps in Anchorage - just like SEATAC, just fewer of them (maybe)
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    Florida is full of them also.
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    This topic I am probably as an expert level at, as I was homeless for close to a year, and also worked as a supervisor in a drug rehabilitation facility where we had many homeless people coming in. I would say close to 5000 people I saw over the period of time that I worked at the facility.

    In 1979, I was in the process of graduating high school when an unforeseen circumstance which I won't go into in this forum, resulted in going from well-off to on the street. My mom and my other siblings were able to go to a family member's home, but there was no room for me so I was actually living out on the street for a period of time. The reason why I am even mentioning this, as I took steps each and every day to change what had occurred. I worked hard to find a job, and you know I did not have a place to live when I found that job I continued to better myself until I could afford a place to live. No one at my job
    did not live at home. I got up early in the morning and went to the local gas stations or McDonald's waited till their janitors left in and cleaned up in the bathroom. In the evening at the local parks there would be baseball games and I would collect cans why was there. As well as working at a job that I eventually got. There was no welfare, I was 17 and nobody was out there helping. There is no resources. The only resource I had available was my own fortitude to get my ass the ground and get moving.

    There are many people that are homeless in the way that I was, by circumstances beyond their control. But getting out of those circumstances is in their control. Looking at the homeless situation today, there's a lot of despair I know it in my heart what it feels like. But I also know what it feels like to continue to succeed at getting myself out of that situation. It seems there are two types of people, those who want off the street, and those who did not mind having handouts, and living the way they do.
    The point of the matter is we enable so many people rather than teaching them how to move along. Once drugs get in the mix there done for. And the ladder to climb out becomes even longer. Cities and counties, as well as states are wasting a lot of money at drug rehabilitation centers, and homeless shelters. Instead of trying to educate people to get out and find work, they are throwing money hand over fist, giving them free housing, all at taxpayers expense.

    In this life, you get out, what you put in. I'm a firm believer in busting your as to get things done that need to get done.
    A couple of hundred years ago, people did not have homelessness, actually living outside and not having a home could be a common way of living. We have victimized individuals and let them feel victimized. Instead of ink urging them to do better, and to give them tools to do better such as education. I would say that my work at the facility 75% of the people there had less than a junior high education. Making it impossible for them to get a job. With all the money that we are dumping we need to start educating the people that are out there and helping them to move along. Housing, and other things will come once they can learn to earn a income they can become self-sustaining instead of living off the teat of the American taxpayer.
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    This is an issue near and dear to my heart because we were homeless when I was a kid for a period of time, but I'm starting to feel callouses growing on my compassion. I volunteer with a group that opens floor space at local churches when the temperatures are under 32 for more than three days. We bring in the long term homeless and have a full crew to keep them from killing each other.
    We have a kid at the church who lost his single mother when he was a senior. His dad is a complete jerk and had the kid evicted from his mom's house right after mom died (mom never took his name off the title, great). Kid is a mess, of course, but he's also a dimwit. We've tried to help him, but he's just dumb as a rock and makes my husband crazy. Fortunately, an elderly couple at the church took him in. He has his permit, so he drives them around and they give him room and board. What I've learned from his situation is that this generation is full of kids who have been taught to be morons and the government has billions of dollars invested in paying people not to help the homeless. Straight up, this kid went to the city for legal help against dad evicting him. They wouldn't help him with that obvious legal remedy, but they did pay for him to take a class in how to be a renter. So the kid now has a certificate in how to be a renter. Are you effing around with me? Who has to take a class in how to pay rent? Gah.
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  7. Merkun

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    Too common in what we have for an education system. The LCD is the target demographic, and no extra credit for standing out and succeeding. Graduated or not, here's your participation certificate. Sad.
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    Good Lord!!!
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  9. UncleMorgan

    UncleMorgan I eat vegetables. My friends are not vegetables.

    Years ago I lived near a bakery.

    A homeless guy from India got a job there. He swept the floor.

    Part of the deal was that they would teach him how to bake.

    For two years he worked double shifts seven days a week, and slept on the bakery floor.

    Then he bought the bakery.
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    Thank you for the post Sir
  11. Cruisin Sloth

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    So true
    Thanks again
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    Life is not fair.
    It takes hangin in there and stickin with a job you don't like, and sucking it up BE A MAN.
    I've been homeless too, single and with a family just because of circumstances seem to be working against you, you cant give in.
    And you know what, it can happen again, I have no doubt .
    Insurances don't cover flood , and fires consume every thing ,and loosing a job being laid off in the midst of a depression when you live from check to check can send you spiraling down. Illnesses can devastate any one and drain every resource you've got . Some of us are too stubborn to live off the government dole . I resented it so much, due to the abuse I had seen in my lifetime I never accepted it . I did odd jobs till I found real jobs . I have quit jobs due to moral issues , good conscience means more to me than a pay check.
  13. Cruisin Sloth

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    BE a full PERSON !!
    I'm a dude , but all the WOMAN I know are my equal , the rest are girls & kids .
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    I would assert that the 'restroom' issue is about keeping the city clean and sanitary.

    Many people choose to live homeless and then about 25% have mental illness and need supervision. This is not a clear cut, homeless=lazy issue. its more of, our society has no open spaces for people who can't follow along in a structured society and we don't train our kids to look out for their family members. Yes there are free loaders and i think there are more with problems than those who are just 'lazy' or 'freeloaders'

    I had a time in my life when I would have been homeless thru loss of a job and couldn't find a job that would cover rent. My family took me in for a few months until I got on my feet. I'm not willing to condemn another until I have walked a mile in their shoes.
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    Nature has a plan for that, but people interfere.
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    Sorry Big Guy, nothing personal. It's just that it's harder for them swim back from Hawaii than across that little creek called the Rio Grande. :whistle:
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    I only saw a small percentage that are stereotyped lazy choosing homelessness over work, maybe 25%.
    The line gets really blurred when you have drugs and mental illness, or drugs that result in mental illness.
    And of those people, usually came uneducated. And add a pregnancy and man what a sheeet storm it creates.
  18. arleigh

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    Having been there IMO It is best in the long run the help comes from individuals rather than government .
    When it comes from an individual there is direct accountability and it idea of a deep pocket is not the same as coming from the government . secondly the capacity to return the favor remains .where as coming from the government reciprocation is not allowed.
    With out gratitude, and as a matter of fact training against it, is propagating socialism .
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    I made a pass at the local S.S. office couple of days ago about 1/2 were gray hairs
    About 1/3 were in their 20s dragging snot nose kids seeing what they can get.
    Rest of the age group maybe 40/50 year olds
    I asked one of the agents about the 20 year olds up in there, She said they were here trying to get what they could get. Makes me wonder when the money is going to run dry.
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    I have always. wondered about “ The Homeless”.... It occured to me, that you almost never see Homeless Folks out in the Bush, OR even out in Farm Country... Why is that....??? It would seem that these folks can not live without at least minimal .Gov Services, even though they say that they do NOT need those minimal Services, when they are asked...
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