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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by pearlselby, Nov 10, 2015.

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    Homemade Cured and Smoked Canadian Bacon Recipe :: The Meatwave

    I just put these 2 in the frig. The above recipe is what I used. I wanted to try 2 different recipes but, way too much going on, so I just used the one.

    You have to cut the fat skin off of these. You can save the fat for sausage.






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    I put them in the frig. today and another 5 lbs. of pork shoulder for bacon. Tomorrow they go in the smoker.
    100_4331.JPG 100_4332.JPG
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    @pearlselby I'm sorry but the coffee mate in the above photo totally ruined this thread for me. [whipem]
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    We do not use coffee mate anymore. The tubs are for compost. lol It is a busy picture. I will watch that next time, Sir.
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    I let them rest and then cut a little off of each one and they are very good.
    100_4336.JPG 100_4337.JPG 100_4338.JPG
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    [IHI]good job
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    Thanks, Tobit! We love this on pizzas and it is so expensive.

    Now , I am wondering about pepperoni?
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    DO it! Pepperoni is one of my favorite stick meats.
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    Pizza, is it's own Food Group.... so says AlaskaChick.....
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    I will be researching this shortly. Thanks very much, Tobit.

    I agree, I love pizza!!
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    I have 5 pounds of pepperoni in the frig for 48 to 72 hours.

    Home-made Beef Pepperoni Recipe

    I used this one.
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    Thank you for that cute thumbs up. 100_4341.JPG
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