homemade firestarters

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  1. CATO

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    1. go to laundromat and get bag full of dryer lint (my addition)
    2. find a restaurant that will give you their egg cartons (my addition)
    3. put dryer lint in egg-cartons
    4. melt candle wax over lint (to keep it from coming out, but not to seal it)
    5. cut off individual egg holders to light fire
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  2. BTPost

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    Sawdust and Diesel Oil compressed in Egg Cartons, and sealed in Candle Wax, or Paraffin....
  3. EDCraziness

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    Too much effort.

    I make mine simple, fast, and they give an awesome flame for approximately ten minutes.

    Pie pan, tub of value brand vaseline, cotton balls.

    Heat vaseline in pan till melted. Turn off heat. Pull small strand of cotton from each cotton ball (for a wick to make lighting easier) as you place it in the melted vaseline. Once pan is full, let cool.

    All the vaseline gets absorbed, dump them into container of choice, repeat until you have however many you want.

    Less than an hour gives me enough starters for my wood stove for the whole winter and some extras for camping.

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  4. CATO

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  5. marlas1too

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    i like to save dry cat tail pods as they start real fast but i dip the bottom half in one coat of wax to act as a candle
  6. ghrit

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    Bump for newbs.
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