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    We tried the hog casings and it took a while to get it figured out, but, we did finally.

    This kind is Andouille Sausage.

    Homemade Andouille Sausage Recipe : Emeril Lagasse : Food Network

    You leave it overnight in frig then either smoke it 225 degrees or put in the oven at 200 until it reaches 150 degrees inside met.

    I used 3 pork shoulders for the sausage and one for the bacon.

    The last pictures is Day 2 of 7 or 10 for curing Buckboard Bacon.
    I will be smoking this also.

    Texas Cookin' at Home: Buckboard bacon at home






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    Looks good.[winkthumb]
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    Thanks, Kellory, We have been at this all day. We finally found the right round thing for stuffing sausage 3/4 the way thru...lol The casings need to be in frig overnight..need to do that next time. But, we learned a lot. Now, can scratch bacon, and Andouille, breakfast sausage off of the grocery list.

    Tomorrow the sausage will go in smoker at 225 degrees until it gets to 150 degrees inside.
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    Thanks Gator 45/70!!!!
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    I think you will enjoy those boy's, Geared mostly to bow hunting with a little cooking + a variety of personality's.
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    It is done.


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    Nom, Nom, Nom [drooling]
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    im so hungry, can I come over to your place?
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    Thanks Gator 45/70! I posted the recipe over at the Bayou bucks too!!
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    Yep, Ganado, the more merrier. It was really fun to make.
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  14. BlueDuck

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    Looks really good. Ill be grinding and stuffing before long myself.
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