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    I've just started to use these in the past two years and find them to be pretty effective. Does anyone else use them and do you recommend certain items to keep on hand or a good book that lists them all and what they're used for?
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    I have a gal pal that "cures" everything with essential oils. I just call her! :D I prefer natural products to chemicals, so I try the "old fashioned" remedies to cure. A single book source? No. Am interested to see if someone else has one, though!
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    Thanks, Tracy. Hopefully someone can make a recommendation on a comprehensive homeopathic "bible" for us. But I will do some research when I can and repost what I find. I have a friend I call, as well. But I'd rather have the info. in my library, if possible.
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    I love my essential oils. I use Ananda Apothecary as my only supplier. You can find all kinds of information there for free and even buy some great books. Their shipping and customer service are top notch!

    I think oils high in antibacterial and antimicrobial properties rank highest, followed by medicinal oils and topicals.

    Some of my favorites:
    Bay Laurel
    Pine Needle

    Some oils are ingestible and some are not. Always read up on the proper usage and dose recommendations from Ananda. As far as carrier oils are concerned, I use a variety of them, and it all depends on the application intended. I do not recommend buying all your carrier oils from online; you can find grapeseed oil and coconut oil locally for a bargain many times, thus saving you a great deal of money.
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    Well, I bought "The Family Guide to Homeopathy," which seems to be comprehensive enough for me as a beginner. I am looking into purchasing a few of the "kits," since it seems to be more economical than purchasing the single vials.

    On a side note, I wanted to say that I have had my share of mastitis (6 babies) and the most effective thing I've used outside of antibiotics, is the homeopathic phytolacca decandra. It puts it down.
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    I would find a source to buy a kit of homeopathy remedies. I bought mine many years ago from Hahnemann Pharmacy, 1918 Bonita Ave, Berkeley CA. I would check online to make sure that is their current address and for other contact info. I have been to two different doctors who practice homeopathic medicine and they both bought from this Pharmacy. That would be a good start, but you will be adding other remedies to your supplies depending on what you suffer from.

    One thing I ALWAYS have on hand is Arnica in all strengths. I also have on hand The Arnica Rub by Natra-Bio. This is a cream that you can use on sore muscles, bruises (never on broken skin; you will only put it on broken skin ONE TIME and swear never to do it again ~ it really burns!) I always carry Apis and Ledum in the summer for any insect bites. They can be used separately or together. Apis is for stings from bees, wasps, even mosquitoes. Ledum is for any puncture would including mosquitoes, bees, etc. I have on hand Aconite for when you receive a shock such as a fall, bad news, a bad scare or a VERY fussy baby.

    If you have a baby or small children, there are the ABC remedies. Aconite (for a very upset baby or child or a baby or child who has had a bad fall), Belladonna for the red-faced teething baby or a red-faced fever, and Chamomilla for soothing a baby with colic or one who is just plain cranky.

    The books I can recommend because I have bought and used are:
    1. a good Materia Medica (mine is very old and from India; the phraseology and weird words can be confusing);
    2.Beginners Guide to Homoeopathy by T.S. Eyer
    3. Everybody's Guide to Homeopathic Medicines by Stephen Cummings, M.D. & Dana Ullman, M.P.H.
    4. Homeopathic Medicine at Home by Maesimund B. Panos, M.D. & Jane Heimlich (this one has handy charts comparing symptoms and which remedy is best) ~ my favorite when the children were young.
    5. Homeopathy for Menopause by Beth MacEoin

    Ask around at health food stores to see if there is a practicing doctor in your area and then call to see if they offer classes.
    Hope this helps.
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    This is a great topic that interests me. I have a huge interest in healing naturally. Herbs, oils and all natural healing is all fascinating to me. I have learned that oil of oregano is not compatible with me. I look forward to all the information anyone can share on this topic.
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    I think we need to be careful and realize that treating with essential oils and herbs is NOT homeopathic. I am not saying those methods are not good, as I use them as well, but homeopathic treatment does not use oils or herbs, just properly prepared remedies, which cannot be made at home, or at least I don't think they can. If they can be, boy, would I love to know how!!
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    Thank you for the resources. I will definitely check out buying kits for that pharmacy. We keep a lot of arnica on hand, as well. With six kids and living in a rural area, it seems like sometimes we use it daily in one form or another!
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    Ms Kathy, at work, recommended that nose oil rubbed on a sty will cure it and that boiling your own urine and using it for an ear-ach works...I got it mixed up a bit yesterday with Bug's stye and told her she needed to pee in her eye to cure that sty...she din't take my advice fortunately.
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    @pearlselby and i were exchanging locations for buying essential oils and good books

    Here are some books @pearlselby uses
    The Complete Guide to Natural Healing: Editorial Advisory Board: Amazon.com:

    The Complete Medicinal Herbal: A Practical Guide to the Healing Properties of Herbs, with More Than 250 Remedies for Common Ailments: Penelope Ody,

    Amazon.com : Modern Essentials Bundle - Modern Essentials *6th Edition* a Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils, an Introduction to Modern Essentials, and Modern Essentials Reference Card - The Perfect Combination for At Home and on the Go! : Beauty

    I bought my elderberry, saw palmetto, alfalfa, and some other stuff for making tinctures. Frontier Co-op | Bulk organic herbs, spices, teas & essential oils.

    These tend to have good sales.
    Discount Vitamins & Herbal Supplements from Puritan's Pride
    Discount Vitamins, Supplements & Natural Health Products | Piping Rock Health Products

    Buy By the Barrel here Essential Oils, Soap Making Supplies & More | Bulk Apothecary

    Organic Essential Oils | Rocky Mountain Oils I found a few oils I could not find elsewhere.

    They have good prices and a lot of oils, extracts, tinctures. You can find any carrier oil you need. Vitamins and Supplements, Natural Health Products, Organic Foods - Swanson Health Products
    I found Kava Kava here. They have good discounts. Nutritional Supplements | Strontium | Spirulina | AHCC | Epicor

    They have pretty much everything. Bulk organic herbs, spices & essential oils – Mountain Rose Herbs

    I bought bottles, pipettes, etc. from here. Specialty Bottle - Wholesale Glass Bottles, Glass & Plastic Jars, Tins, Vials

    Misc for spices and herbs, pipettes, teas etc
    Quality Bulk Botanicals at wholesale prices
    Spices by Spice Barn

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    Thank you for this list.
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    Just reviving a perfectly good dormant thread. Thank you !
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    Today so many people are likes to be following natural products to deal their health issues in a simple way. I always likes to following natural remedies to deal some health issues in the day today life.
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