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  1. Tracy

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    *GONE* HomeSchool Curriculum-2nd Grade

    PM me with any specific questions or if you'd like it to be yours. :)

    I have a box from Calvert Curriculum. I'd like to see it go as a complete set to someone who needs it. If this doesn't move quickly, I'll break up the set :( to regain the space. It's yours for the shipping (quite heavy, but because it's all books, I can send it media mail, which will save postage).

    The tuition for this set is $725 (which included support), I don't know if they'll offer their support services if you don't buy the new set from them, but it's worth a phone call to them to find out.

    It's a great curriculum to LEARN to teach from (I like how their instructor manuals tell you how to present the material). It isn't a very challenging curriculum (IMHO), but it's a good place to start.
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    Do you by chance have any suggestions for homeschooling info on Pre-school and Kindergarten children? I will be looking up the company you listed above.
  3. Tracy

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    There is so much information about homeschooling out there! Do you belong to any local home-school groups? I bet there are some in your area. Google them or check Yahoo groups. They are an invaluable resources for local activities, curriculum sales, special home school events and classes (you'll be blown away by the amount of opportunities available). If you have any friends that home school; they might know the local who/what/where for you. A lot of home schoolers do not advertise the fact that they do. They are a quiet group, as an over-generalization.

    If you have any more questions - feel free to ask! You are your child's first (and greatest) teacher!
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