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    Homicide!!!! <hr style="color: rgb(255, 255, 255); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --><!-- message --> We have lived in a formerly quiet neighborhood for 39+ years. The usual apartment dweller residents have increased but not badly as the area is of ( today's prices, $400K homes). Back then they sold for 49.5

    On 1 July at about 1100 white smoke appeared in our back yard. I quickly checked; verified it was not us but was,rather, from our neighbors house just beyond the chain link fence. I went over to find white smoke billowing from outside the kitchen and darker smoke from the inside which was so noxious as to be impossible to enter. No response to knocks on the door but as was their normal practice, the garage door was up and the door from there to the kitchen was unlocked.. That is how the scumbags entered.

    The usual Chinese Fire Drill ensued when the FD arrived but the bottom line is that both are dead, killed via homicide then an arson to cover a robbery.!!!!

    It is quite obvious that the "Have- Nots" are now emboldended and we are the targets. Pray for the souls of our two friends who are in Heaven [​IMG][​IMG]but also pray for our nation which is also under attack from within and without. It is time to have arms at the ready [gun]and always be expecting the unexpected. It just happened and two innocent 'sheeple" friends are dead.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    For those who "think" that you can endanger yourself by being too secure in your home, my friends were tied to chairs and their throats were cut-- that does impede an ability to leave the scene of arson.

    Laus Deo
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    Very sorry to hear it.

    I have to ask:
    Any involvement in drugs or gangs? What would draw perps to their house rather than yours?

    Yes, I'm hoping to get an answer that makes me feel better - this is scary cr*p.
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    My house looks like a pickup driving, gun totin, shootin mean SOB lives here but their house says" We have two new cars and we are sheeple". We don't lock our doors and we are innocent and unarmed."

    Friend, they kept their garage door open, no alarm, no guns, no guns--. They were sweet , gentle innocents with a good family. Their throats were eventually cut- reading me???- by druggies with knives. Then the home was torched --.

    My wife called all the neighbors and told them two days ago. Today I went around putting safety suggestions in the mail boxes. Guess what??? three out of nine house had the garage doors up the doors open!!!

    "SHEEPLE" !!!!!!!

    Laus Deo
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    I hate to state the obvious, but some people live totally niave to the evil around them. The fact that they are so stupid, even after a major incident and deaths, is your protection, and works in your favor. Stay hard! They are easy targets, you are not.
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    Crazy thing is, stuff like this is only going to get worse. Sad.
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    sorry to hear...and thanks for the heads up...definitely puts a new light to sitting round on the couch and feeling safe...I'll definitely be upping my level of alert

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    ummmmm.......I just realized you just, inadvertently, basically put your address out on the world wide web.....your friends address is printed in news reports and you have stated they were your neighbors just on the otherside of a chain link fence......that would make me pretty uncomfortable if it was me....just pointing it out in case you didn't think of it....hell, if I was in your situation I would certainly be out of step right now!

    best of luck!!!
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