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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Motomom34, Aug 24, 2016.

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    When people talk about preppers/survivalists most visualize white, Christian, conservative. Basically Bubba in camo but prepping actually extends to all walks of life. We saw the massacre in Florida and saw a rise in the number of homosexuals arming themselves. I have always had a “relaxed” attitude towards gay people. I do not care what you do, just do not shove it down my throat and behave appropriately. Yes, I am a Christian but I also realize that we are not all built the same way.

    If SHTF, I do not care about your sexual orientation, if you are a solid person and a good addition to helping us survive then the door is open. Interestingly, Rush Limbaugh is talking about Obama encouraging lesbians to become farmers.

    I found this on a gay forum. Imagine being in the closet being gay but also being a prepper. Talk about living an illusion:


    In the end, however, such segregation may be moot. As Tom Martin, founder of the American Preppers Network, told me: “Even five or 10 hardcore survivalists with AR-15s would be no match for a pack of 100 rabid, very hungry, and unafraid dogs…Political divisions, race, orientation, gender, etc., will be the least of anyone’s concerns.”

    The quote above is from the article below. I think it sums things up nicely, at least for me. When it comes to survival, I will not be concerned about equal opportunity labels.

    There are many out there. They are used to discretion and secrets.
    What Happens When Gays Join Right-Wing Survivalists?
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    Not you and a lot of others. For sure there are and will be some to whom it matters. Both sides of the equation have a load of paranoia to overcome. Sez me, and maybe me only.
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    Did you really mean to say that in relation to "gays" [LMAO][peep][AH]ohno
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    [LMAO][LMAO][LMAO] Closet Preppers... Now that is something that people seem to be ashamed to be prepared for a SHTF event. Seems perfectly natural as in a survivalist sort of way to me.
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    I will echo @Motomom34 on this one.... I had a coWorker that was Gay, NOT in a Closet, but Also Not shoving his Gayness, "Down our Throats" either... One of the Nicest Fellows you would ever meet.... I considered it a Blessing, to call him a GOOD Friend.... He died, a few years back, 6 months after he reTIRED.... I was very SAD for him & His Partner....
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    As long as they don't try & pull that "Broke Back Mountain" BS on me we can get along..... and nonever of that friggin touchy Feely crap neither.......
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    I'm not insinuating anything here , and as a new guy on the forum , don't want to get kicked off of here , But , What were you doing on a gay web site ?
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    Personally, I don't care if you do it with a goat, your mother-inlaw, or any of your distant cousins of any gender. However, I will state the obvious. In most weapons of mass destruction wars, to include bio-engineered germs or diseases creating a massive worldwide pandemic, the prognosis is that the population will be reduced to 10-25% of it's total numbers by the time the event runs it's course. ....
    Duh, gay folks can not alone procreate so unless gay females beg, borrow, buy or steal sperm from a male, and go the turkey baster route, ..... they are done PERIOD, in one generation. It will be a time when healthy males and healthy females need to be fruitful, procreate, and multiply. Families and tribes can tolerate gays if they are otherwise useful to the family or the tribe, but mass pairing up same sex pairs, regardless of your urges or your inner alter gender. makes no sense what so ever for survival. I guess in a survival situation gays would have to consider acting as being bi-sexual for the purpose of conception by providing their womb or seed, no matter how distasteful the act or sacrifice might be for them.
    Just a short truthful anecdotal story. There is a historical Religious Compound down in Ft. Myers Florida. It was founded back in the 1800s by a few 100s of followers. Their main Religious Tenet was Celibacy. They no longer are a religious group. They all died off. Go figure! Who could not see that coming? Thing is they expected the end of the world was near at hand and decided mistakenly celibacy would ensure their entrance to heaven. Again, who knows?
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    We do have a lot of "Like minded folk's" around here.. I have known of gay's, women and men, who where very nice people and did not push their life style and they prep. It is my opinion that when one developed the mind set, that things can and will go wrong, There is little else that really matters. It is all about the survival of ones family and friends. I have found this to be true of all those of "Like Mind" I have met so far.
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    [AH] is correct..... :lol:

    That is a great post @tacmotusn that does add another aspect of the lifestyle (gay) that one needs to consider in a survival situation.

    My thinking is that certain groups seem to think they have cornered a certain type of ways. I find it interesting that the conservatives are labeled as hating gays because they are Christians, yet Christianity teaches tolerance. I do not want to drag politics into this thread. This is basically a thread that is saying preppers may be people whom you never thought would prep.
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    SHTF we're going to need all the help we can get. I've met very few gays in my time, but the ones that I did meet seemed to be interested only in other gays.
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    when people of all irks finally get over their hates,stupid mind set,opinionated,minds of what other people do and not what they are maybe just maybe there will be hope for mankind---I have met probably more different people in my life than most people and let me say something I'm not a hate monger I judge you how you treat other people and your family and your work ethnic
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    I have not seen any videos of Christians throwing homosexuals off the roofs of tall buildings.
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    i care what you do if it can hurt you(kill you) or me or mine
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    I worked with 2 gays when I was working as a salesman, in my liberal 20's, 1 of them was the nicest person I knew, the other one was a flamer with a chip! Not only was he obnoxious as a gay he would have been just as offensive as some white trash I know.' Stupidity know's no boundaries, It all boils down to the Golden Rule!
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    There is an assumption that preppers are Christian, White, and Straight???
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