Honda EU2200i generator recall...

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by techsar, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Very good genset and with cables can run 2 to double output. It converts output voltage to 60 cycles, so at low load it runs at slow speed, near idle or so, and still puts out a good 60 cycle. With the econ run on, it idles at about 3,000, run speed is about 4300 and at full load, close to 5,000 so it is a lot higher than the standard genset 3600. To get around dead gas, dieseling, etc, the on off switch has both the fuel shutoff and the ignition shutoff, that allows you to keep the engine running after you have turned off the fuel and run the carb dry, and then turn off ign and is neatly placed under the cover on the unit so to take it off you have to dissemble the case, remove the wiring and block the fuel line before you can get to the fuel ign sw and of course, it has to be replaced with the exact same thing. Guess the one made in Thailand had some problems with screws in sw not being tightened enough or over tightened and stripped, depending on who you talk to, and the leak is inside the case, not really obvious and the vapors are inside the housing as well. Fix is free and they do it, so get checked out if you have one. Really nice unit, I just can't afford 2 of them so stuck with 15 year old Generac 6000 W that requires some care but just keeps on ticking.
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    With the Honda units, the old rule about "high speed" engines is out the window. The typical inverter machines will run at about 5200 under full load, and yes, throttle down under low loads and there's no need to run synchronously at 60 cycles. The invertors are remarkably stable at 60 hz regardless of load and sync up beautifully when paired. I think the Yamaha machines are close enough to the same thing, but will NOT inter connect, sync up, and load share with Honda. (At least not as of last year.)
    I've been thinking to get one for portable radio ops, they are that quiet, you can run one under your canopy and still hear to operate.
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    Would expect given a Honda that with proper care, 4 to 5 thousand hours would be normal. Have heard of the older previous models running over 10,000 on an hour meter. For light load, camping etc, close to 9 hours on a gallon of gas is hard to beat. My Generac will use 5 gal in about 12 to 18 hours with power off at my house.
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