Honda EU3000 gas generator a few question's

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by hank2222, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I was given one by a family friend for helping her clear out the garage and move items for her after her husband pass away last month after a car wreck out here in Az .

    Her late husband had bought it brand new at the start of this year and it still in it box that he bought it in and there is no manual in the box and i could not find one in the den where he kept the other manual's for the thing's he had .

    I did try and pay her for it but she would not have it and i did try to get her to take with her to the new place and she goes my kid's all ready have a bigger gen set there.

    My basic set of question is following

    What type of oil to use in it

    How long before you need to change the oil

    Would a tri fuel set up for it be a good idea to charge a battery bank with it .

    Would pour fuel from a large 5.gallon gas can into a smaller 1.gallon size can make it easlyer to fill the gas tank up when it the unit is beening run or is there a attchment to allow the gas to drawn saight from the larger can .

    Anyone with a Honda Generator set up i could use some help here
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    Nice gift...

    Manuals can be had from the Honda Website.... These use Regular Motor Oil, and if it were mine, I would be using the same oil I use in ALL my Genets, Vehicles, and Engines. Delo 400 15W40. If it has a LubeOil Filter then every 200 Operational Hours. If it has a Pressure Lube System, but NO Filter, then every 100 Hours. If it has a Splash Lube System, then every 50 Operational Hours.
    If you have Natural Gas available, then Trifuel, makes sense. If you only have Propane available, the a DualFuel setup will suffice, and it can be adapter to NG later if that should become available. You can easily add am EXTERNAL fuel tank to any of the Honda Gensets. Many folks do this and have 6 USG Outboard Marine Fuel Tanks, with Standard Marine connections, for swapping an empty tank for a full one, while the Genset is running. This keeps need for the pouring of Gasoline, away from the operating Genset, and allows for the Genset to keep running, while changing out the Fuel Tank. .... YMMV.....
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    thank you for the info there bruce .
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    Hank, I , like Bruce use only some of the best oil on the market. I use the same oil in my truck, bronco, and car as well as all three of my gennies. Napa or Valvoline (same) 15/40 fleet oil plus. It has a small amount of ptfee in it (teflon) so really helps the engines last much longer then normal.

    As a portable unit, it is great, however, if like me you change the gas tank to a much larger one, unit is really not portable any longer. But the gas tank last a lot longer in an extented winter/snow setting should the need arise. For all the people out there, Hank and I live about 20 miles apart and it is close to the 6,000 ft. level. Snows, you bet it does.
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    I have a Honda 3000 watt . It's an older model then EU but still works great. Mine calls for 10/30 oil and W e change it every 50 hours use. It takes one quart. Puts out about 21 amps of 120 volt power. Mine runs on gas. They make a conversion to propane for 49.95 . Hondas are nice little generators. KF
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    I basically going to be using it charge my battery bank when the solar and wind have not done there job in the middle of winter because of very cloudy days on end that we do get up there .

    I figure a 6.hour run should charge the bank at half a load on the unit without alot of stress on the machine . Plus i found the honda generator oil & filters for the unit that they say to use along with manual that i printed out from pdf form .
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