Honey Badger Wheel: The All-Terrain Mechanical Advantage

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    This is a new buggy that just came to my attention. They are wrapping up a go fund me type thing but it should be available soon. It looks so simple but the ad shows all sorts of add-ons. The price seems high in my opinion but I really do not think this product is one I would use much. I thought I would share-

    Introducing the- Honey Badger Wheel

    A wheel for hunters, hikers, parents, preppers, & people who love the outdoors. Carries kids, gear, & big game with ease not muscle.

    The wheel for your all-terrain multi-purpose life outdoors.
    The American engineered and manufactured Honey Badger Wheel is the modern Chinese Wheelbarrow with a Western twist of tech and innovation.

    No sidewalk? No problem! Just roll with it.

    The all-terrain wheel for parents, hunters, and you! It's also for everyone with an imagination and a love for exploring the outdoors.

    All rewards come with the same frame and all five series give you the option with or without disc brakes. "SERIES II" models include a Hayes hydraulic disc brake. No "II" = No Brake. The only difference between the Lite, Pro, and Fattie Series is the wheel size and the Electric Series comes in two wheel sizes.

    What will the Honey Badger carry for you?

    The first ever lightweight, compact, and adjustable ALL-TERRAIN BIG GAME CART. It rides in on your back and rolls out fully loaded.

    The LITE II (24" Wheel) weighs only 13.5 lbs
    If you are trying to reduce weight and don't want to use saddle bags or panniers, big game can be quartered or deboned and tied directly to the frame for a quick roll out from the backcountry.

    You can also carry deer up to 200 pounds with the DEER ACCESSORY.

    And since it is not designated as a vehicle, it is allowed within most BLM property. If you hunt in the backcountry you've probably seen a similar sign below. My favorite hunting site in Utah does not allow vehicles, but does allow the Honey Badger Wheel.

    Rest of the sales pitch plus a video is here:

    Honey Badger Wheel: The All-Terrain Mechanical Advantage

    What do you all think. Good tool or the latest prepper must have gadget?
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    Hey lady, look someone stole the other end of your bicycle.
  3. HK_User

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    Better for me would be a rickshaw type.

    Always easier to pull than to push.
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  5. kellory

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    There is good reason for a high center of gravity. The bigger the wheel, the less likely to get hung up on irregularities in ground or sticks and downed limbs.
    Small wheels sucks big time off road, and pushing it makes the problem worse, as the wheels dig in or bind.
    Pulling is better, tend to lift the cart over obstructions, rather than pushing into an obstruction.
    Note the wheel size. It makes quite a diffrence. IMG_20151005_164158108. these are wheelchair wheels.
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  6. GOG

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    Yeah, I was wondering about pushing up hill. I'd give it the go by.
  7. ghrit

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    Some things are too obvious to mention --
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    I looked at it and thought it would easy to tip. It is easier to roller skate vs. roller blade. They show an image of three little kids in the basket. Kids squirm all over. The big single wheel makes me think it would be hard to balance.

    I agree with @HK_User it is easier to pull then push. I still use the wagon I had for the kids. It is noisy on dirt but it works great.
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  9. kellory

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    You mean like this? To keep the weight down, I tried small wheels, then larger wheels, then larger still. Each increase made movement easier. And since the wheelchair wheels are engineered for human sized loads and made of plastics, the weight is about the same as the smallest wheels I started with. If I had the tools to weld aluminum, I would have gone tubular aluminum instead of steel, just for the weight savings.
    I would, however, find the single wheel less than stable, and prone to tip, requiring more effort to keep it upright.
    In short, I do not care for the design of the honey badger wheel.
  10. Tikka

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    Especially when already mentioned by @HK_User .
  11. DKR

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    The original real wheel deal.

    The load sits on each side, not the top.

    seemly good for a mass transit substitute....
  12. Tempstar

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    Soooo, when you need to take a break from pushing your gear......I don't see a kickstand.
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    well I guess if you painted a rock someone will buy it. IMHO--carbela's has a folding game cart with 2 wheels
  14. duane

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    Read an interesting article about what happened in China after the fall on one of the empires and things going to h***. Transportation continued and they survived by using boats where they could and those weird wheelbarrows where they couldn't use the boats. Often 2 or 3 people powering one wheelbarrow, one balancing it and other pulling on ropes. Path served as a road, bridges 6 to 8 feet wide and designed for a couple thousand pounds, capital investment very low and the owner-balancer would hire people for a few miles and didn't have to feed or care for horses or pack animals. Works well in areas where there are people and places to stay and one wheelbarrow will carry as much as several pack animals and doesn't have to be fed or shoed. I don't know why, but the system they selected used a single wheel and not a 2 wheeled cart. I have no doubts that 2 wheels were tried and would love to know why they selected the single wheel. If needed, I would rather not reinvent the wheel , but I have found in my very limited trials, that I use my single wheel wheelbarrow several times more often than my 2 wheel yard cart. But that may just be because it is so much more rugged. Game carts for getting deer out of the woods work well on the flat and in fields, but are of little use in the woods here in New Hampshire. Don't ask me how I know that.

    Was fascinated by the old wheelbarrow picture, used pieces of metal on the rim rather than a single hoop. Strength and wear resistance is there, but doesn't have to weld the rim or allow for wood shrinkage, had to soak our old wood wheeled wagon in the river ever now and then or the rims fell off or rattled, but then it would have no tension effect on the spokes either. Back to my love of hand tools again. I looked at the picture and love the design, segmented rims, single wheel with allowances for load balance, high wheel for low rolling resistance, load bearing platform at hub height to minimize construction materials and allow short axle length, curved handles to allow the operator to minimize fatigue. Looks simple, but it show how things develop over time in very complex ways.
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  15. Meat

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    It looks like something I could cart grandma around on. Hunting and fishing amongst other things. I think she's under 200 pounds now that she's passed away.
  16. Motomom34

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    Good observation. Didn't even think of that.
  17. arleigh

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    I have already worked that concept and for the money that is way too expensive .
    secondly I've tried hauling from behind and balancing on one wheel that way is not practical .you work harder than necessary.
    2 wheels work best, and at least you can set it down at random and rest easier.
    I like my cart best .
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