Honey-Lemon Throat Lozenges

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    Honey and lemon are foods that are good for you period but when I am sick, I always take a teaspoon of honey & lemon. I love this idea of making my own throat drops. Homemade & healthy, what could be better? Actually, I would like to get rid of the sugar. ** please note there was some comments on losing the medicinal purposes of the honey once heated. (heated above 120* degrees the nutrients and enzymes begin to break down).

    Honey-Lemon Throat Lozenges - the kosher foodies
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    Good info Moto!! [winkthumb]
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    or Honey and tumeric but you have to like tumeric:)
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    Raw (unheated) buckwheat honey and cinnamon... raw honey and cinnamon have some documented results in studies... buckwheat honey is strong and tastes more like molasses... but is better for you when you are sick....you can add lemon if you like.... works for me... ;)
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    I have never heard of buckwheat honey. I love molasses, I always eat a spoonful while I am baking. Thanks @Bear I will look for some. Cold and flu season is here.
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    Buckwheat honey is much darker in appearance than clover honey. There is a lot of variation in honeys depending upon what pollen the bees get into. I was given 6 different honeys by a happy beekeeper customer. My sister liked the buckwheat honey with buttered toast.
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