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    Today I honor the birth of a great man, who cared deeply for his people.

    I hoist a drink to the memory of General Robert E. Lee. A true "Son of the South".
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    Here!! Here!! I Second that!! long live sourthern pride. General R.E. Lee's sacrifices goes not forgotten, for our southland of Dixie still lives and thrives in the hearts of her sons.
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    The General was a gentleman and a warrior. A superlative example for any man's perspective. If you haven't read about his incredible performance in the Mexican War, a good book by Jeff Shaara (I think The Forgotten War ) will get your attention.

    In 1866 he said, regarding Union vindictiveness of the so-called "Reconstruction," "Had I known the true consequences of surrender, I would have died at Appomattox with my brave men with my sword in my hand."
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    No man has taken a greater stand in the interest of the rights of the people and the states than the honorable General Lee.
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    <IFRAME style="POSITION: absolute; WIDTH: 10px; HEIGHT: 10px; TOP: -9999em" id=twttrHubFrame tabIndex=0 src="http://platform.twitter.com/widgets/hub.1326407570.html" frameBorder=0 allowTransparency scrolling=no></IFRAME>A few of my favorite quotes by General Lee

    Our country demands all our strength, all our energies. To resist the powerful combination now forming against us will require every man at his place. If victorious, we have everything to hope for in the future. If defeated, nothing will be left for us to live for. My whole trust is in God, and I am ready for whatever He may ordain."
    Robert E. Lee

    "The education of a man is never complete until he dies." Robert E. Lee

    "This war is not about slavery'" Robert E. Lee

    "Get correct views of life, and learn to see the world in its true light. It will enable you to live pleasantly, to do good, and, when summoned away, to leave without regret." Robert E. Lee

    "Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain." Robert E. Lee

    "I have fought against the people of the North because I believed they were seeking to wrest from the South its dearest rights. But I have never cherished toward them bitter or vindictive feelings, and have never seen the day when I did not pray for them." Robert E. Lee

    "I cannot trust a man to control others who cannot control himself." Robert E. Lee

    """After four years of arduous service marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the Army of Norther Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources.I need not tell the brave survivors of some many hard fought battles who have remained steadfast to the last that I have consented to this result from no distrust of them.But feeling that valor and devotion could accomplish nothing that could compensate for the loss that must have attended the continuance of the contest, I determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose past services have endeared them to their countrymen.By the terms of the agreement, officers and men can return to their homes and remain until exchanged. You will take with you the satisfaction that proceeds from a consciousness of duty faithfully performed; and I earnestly pray that a Merciful God will extend to you His blessings and protection.With an unceasing admiration of your constancy and devotion to your Country, and a grateful remembrance of your kind and generous consideration for myself, I bid you all an affectionate farewell.""R.E. Lee Genl.(Robert E. Lee's farewell address, April 9th, 1865)" Robert E. Lee
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    This is also the day the Cheeseburger was invented...If Robert E.Lee and his men had cheeseburger's i'm sure the war would have went the other way...Just say'n...
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    Did you know His Wife was the Grand Daughter(Step)of George Washington.
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    The PDF for the Jeff Shaara book "Killer Angels" is on the site here. I read it last year and just bought the movie based on it "Gettysburg". Watched it just two nights ago. Very moving. The battle that turned the tide of the war. So many mistakes made. If the Confederates had of won there the war would have been essentially over. Sad to ponder what our world would look like today if they had.

    Robert E. Lee and Erwin Rommel are two men I greatly admire. Gentlemen warriors, respected by friend and foe alike.
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